Christmas crafting coming around again.

Last year Christmas was such an effort; after the joy of enjoying the run up to it in 2009 so much (heavily pregnant but finally free of the desperate rush to pack parcels and run the business all on my own) last year was a major kick in the teeth. Making Christmas festive while you mourn a child and try to smile for the other children is no mean feat. But we did it, albeit with a fair amount of tears and less inspiration than I would have liked. We made it through and we all had a nice time, in what turned out to be our last fully home educating December.

I’ve spent the weekend going through 2 years worth of Christmas Craft blog posts and , although there is lots in there I like and I hope will inspire people, I feel the urge to do more tradition, pretty, proper crafting and stretch all our skills a bit. I’ve still got aspirations left from last years list to go but this year Pinterest is giving me masses of inspiration too. Plus the lovely new ‘basket’ feature on eBay which means I can collect supply ideas together and think a bit, then pay for a wodge of crafty stuff with blog earnings 😀

So I’ve got some ideas coming together gradually….

1. Purchase some cheap metal bangles. Cover with festive colour wools and glittery beads in a dream catcher style.

2. Using the bangles again, try something like these granny square decorations. There is a pattern in the recent MollieMakes for something I can adapt.

3. Using the bangles again, try out filling them with polymer clay (Fimo & Sculpey) designs. I adore this etsy artist and think something inspired by her in Sculpey Premo Accents would be nice.

4. Simple yarn wreaths. I found these on a blog and they look very effective I think.


5. Last year I made a few of these glass bead snowflakes with glass beads at the last minute after using plastic pony beads to make them with the kids. I’ve ordered silver florist wires this year to have another go and make a few more.

6. Circular glass bead ornaments look like fun too.

7. I’ve cheated a bought a few very cheap Christmas cross stitch kits from Hobbycraft. Lots of ideas on the internet though.

8. Love this idea for a yarn snowman.

9. Since I currently have a bit of a thing for pom poms, these decorations in a frame from old t-shirts look like fun to try.

10. After having so much fun with buttons earlier in the year, some permanent festive patterns really appeal and this is gorgeous. There are LOADS of packs of mixed buttons really cheaply on eBay.

11. Polystyrene balls and some pretty yarn should make some nice baubles. I might try a wreath or swag out of these.

12. I think I have a thing about snowmen this year (I bet we won’t get snow this year now!) but these are just lovely. Tempted to try them in Fimo as I don’t have the pateince for the stitching!

13. Crochet pine cones like these ones. There is a free pattern here but I also wondered if twisting up random style ‘coral’ crochet might work, as a way of getting kids into crochet.

14. I fell in love with the little bird style of Christmas decoration last year. Simple felt ones would be a beautiful naive art in for stitching practise.

15. Use cookie cutters or print Xmas templates to make felt shaped decorations. As easy or complicated as you like.

16. Need to do lots of Fimo things this year; very taken with this polymer clay garland of Xmas trees.

17. Another button decoration craft, but I like the idea of maybe doing this with Fimo disks threaded together.

18. Use flower pots to make little characters; this is snowmen but I would imagine it would work well for FC figures and trees too.

19. These beaded elves look lovely – again, I think they could be a lot of fun done with some Fimo for faces and hats.

20. Every year I swear I’m going to make a 3D gingerbread Hama Bead house. These edible ones look so nice; I’d be thrilled to even manage a Fimo one though!

21. This page has several nice easy ideas for small hands, from decorated cups and toilet rolls to the fake snow globe. We are expecting a delivery of snow globe making kits in a few days – I think I’ll have to try one!

22. There are so many bauble wreath ideas, though I also love a framed bauble idea I found on Pinterest. Definitely need to find a way to combine pom poms and baubles in something new.

23. Nativity scene. I’ve had a Hama and Fimo one in my mind for years. Enough with the thinking, it’s time to do!

24. These paper geometic designs (now forever referred to as Orbals, thanks to Maggie) were the first Christmas craft I remember doing at school. I’ve still never made them with my children. I really need to.

25. Oh how I wish I had it in me to bake like this!

So there you go. 25 inspirations for Christmas crafting the way i always mean to do it with my children. Maybe this is the year. I LOVE Pinterest for the way it allows ideas to gather. I hope you’ll suggest some more, leave me links to anything you like or try out and maybe even join Pinterest (I can send invites if you ask!) and make your own ideas boards.


  1. Maggie says

    I spend far too much time on Pinterest…..

    Those geometric thingummys you linked to – we call them orbals and I make them every year using last year’s Christmas cards. I remember making them when the children were very little, and them playing with them for the whole of Advent as lightweight indoor-almost-acceptable footballs! The kids are no longer bothered, but I love it as a “bubblegum for the brain” pastime 😀 I have seen pictures of a gigantic one made from paper plates, but I’ve never quite been *that* obsessive. Yet.

  2. Sarah says

    Wow, you are officially supermum. Love the crafts youve chisen. Wish I had children who could sit and do (without getting frustrated and ending up with me sat alone doing!) perhaps one day… In the meantime you could adopt me ? Oh hang on, you’ve not got any mirrors…

  3. Tbird Anni says

    bet you could do the biscuits….. the topping is just rolled out icing (which you can buy ready made in fab colours) cut out with the same cutters you cut the biccies with….. dead easy!

    Really loving the selection of crafts, especially the granny circle ornaments!

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