Countdown to Christmas.

Advent Yankee Candles

This week I have realised with horror that all my Christmas sparkle has totally disappeared. I have no idea what to buy my children, I have nothing I want, there is nothing we need (except more time and money and you can’t buy either of those!) and Christmas is sneaking up so fast that I […]

A Christmas Craft Wreath with Toadstools & Felted Holly

The last few years we’ve been able to take part in a pre-Xmas home ed day doing lots of Christmas crafts but this year it just wasn’t on the cards any more (sob, sob) and so I had to make a wreath all on my very own. I’ve been meaning to get round to trying […]

Bene's Christmas Stocking.

iPhone March 2013 340

  Last year I made Bene his very own Christmas stocking; as a January baby he was just old enough to enjoy unpacking one with some help and I wanted it to be special to him, not just bought off a peg. I have a vivid memory of the girls wanting to buy Freddie a […]

Where was I?


You may have noticed I was away last week, on our annual trip to a youth hostel with friends. I went away intending to do some work in quiet moments but the youth hostel had poor signal and Bene and I were enjoying each others company, plus I had the company of all my very […]

Sponsored Post: Oh Christmas Tree!


Seems a good time to remind you of some of the Christmas resources I have floating about. There is the Christmas Crafts section on here but I am slowly moving some of those on to Simple Crafts so they are easier to find. There are also lots of new crafts on there too including this […]

Christmas PomPom Delight


A while ago I wrote about these fabulous pompom makers which I bought as a slight indulgence for a bit of Xmas crafty silliness. They’ve been worth their weight in £1 coins though and we’ve had masses of fun with them already, as have a quantity of people who have visited. Pom pom making is […]

Christmas Camp 2011


I’ve got a group of friends who I met online when Maddy was tiny, using now wildly outdated ways of connecting with like-minded souls such as yahoo groups (before Facebook and Twitter, imagine!). They became real life friends remarkably quickly. We did our first camp together, some of us, when Amelie was 4 months old […]