Friday Club: A Favourite Gadget

I’m a complete gadget girl; I have a DS (I’m on my 4th!) and an iPhone and a laptop and a Kindle and I love them all and can use up to three of them at any one time. I have a barcode scanner at work and a laminator and a decent camera and a pasta machine for my Fimo and a whole host of favourite websites I’ve already blogged. I stop short of cooking gadgets because I can’t cook  but there is barely any other part of my life I wouldn’t happily have the appropriate gizmo for making life easier. Digital photo frames, and digital calendars on my computer, things that link and whisper to each other. I adore gadgets.

But the thing that makes me happiest is making things and most of those things don’t need gadgets at all. You can’t call a knitting needle a gadget, not really, nor a crochet hook. But when it comes to polymer clay sculpture, I’m prepared to stretch a point, because people who love clay, love their tools.

In clay land, the thing I can’t live without is the left hand one of these*. In the  Fimo & Sculpey Dragons I made the other week, that was the one thing I used, apart from one other tool that put scales on two of them. The black end for eye sockets and skin feathering, the silver end for nostrils and smoothing the eyes out and blending the pieces together and for marking the freckles and for rooting the beads that decorate them. It dimples the wings and smooths out crinkles and marks out and defines creases. It is my wonder tool, my favourite gadget.


The Friday Club

*PS. I didn’t pay very close attention to the brief – blame it on no sleep – so pretend this has a wire on the end, or is battery powered. Or something.

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  1. says

    Wow! That is an amazing dragon! I love that it has little beads hiding in it too.

    It totally counts as a gadget. Gadgets don’t all have to be high tech, plug ins, do they?

    I just noticed in your list of topics that we share an Amelie in common. Mine has just turned 7, how old is your daughter.

    • says

      She’ll be nine in May. Unusually for us, we chose her name early on in my pregnancy and then when I was about 8 months, the film adverts started appearing!

      • says

        We were an after delivery decision. I kept saying, I have a name I really like. I just can’t remember it. I eventually remembered. I thought the film was much older than 9ish years ago. Does she answer to Amelia and Ameeeelie like mine does, through a fake smile?

        • says

          Grin. I was like that after Josie, because of a large lot of ex-blood! And yes, Amelia, Emily, Amy-Lee… endless. With gritted teeth.

          • says

            Blimey. IMDB says Oct 2001. Amelie was May 2002 so we must have picked the name really early or not noticed the film. I remember looking at an advert in a magazine; perhaps it was for the video/dvd. We could easily have ignored the film coming out.

  2. says

    Being rather creatively challenged that is I am afriad one gadget that won’t be joining the Geeky household, but agree with the other comments – way to go you, no wonder you chose it as your fav gadget.

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