#ShareNiger is an initiative to raise awareness of the food crisis in West Africa; millions of men, women and children are starving to death following crop failure, brought on by a drought that has left rivers as a sea of sand and women spending hours of their day digging for water. Sian To went out with WorldVision to see for herself how the crisis was affect the people who live there and on her return we set up an initiative to help bloggers club together to sponsor children through the WorldVision child sponsorship programme. Sponsorship works by directing the money towards the village of a child who will benefit from the world the money is spent on. It is an amazing way to see real progress for real people and stay in touch with the process of how money raised as aid can work.

Currently we have enough pledged or donated to sponsor 9 children.

To support us you can get involved and contribute if you would like to do so. Details for Paypal options are at the bottom of this post and if you prefer to join via Standing Order, do email me using the contact page.

You can wear our badge on your blog.

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You can join us and see the progress of our children on our ShareNiger Facebook page.

The original post for this collaborative effort can be found here along with details of how to get involved. I have added the options for getting involved below, including a tweet from WorldVision to show we are supported in our endeavours by them.

Please support our efforts by donating, blogging a link to this post, tweeting with the hashtag #ShareNiger, liking on Facebook, G+ or anywhere else you feel you can. Every pound will help us reach our target.
Do something amazing. Change someone’s world.
The donate button will allow you to make a one off contribution which will go towards sponsoring a child.
The subscribe button below will allow you to choose a 1/4 option towards a child. I will collate these together and sponsor as many children as possible. I will let you know what child you are sponsoring and keep you up to date with contact. NB: if you know me and can use online banking, a standing order to me will be better as subscribe costs a fee. You need to be happy to sign up for at least a year, preferably longer.

Group WV Sub

Credentials: Donations will come to my personal Paypal account and I will forward the money on to WorldVision either to sponsor a child if we get enough or as a direct payment to them. I believe I am a trusted member of the online community and so in a good position to do this, but my account does get looked over by an accountant once a year since I have a business attached to it. In addition, Sian and I live near each other and I will arrange for her to check my account with me when we have completed the collection for full transparency.