Poetry Collection

I??m making an effort to do more poetry with the kids and have an aim to collect together 100 poems that all children should know of ? and then make sure that mine do!!! A recent blog post yielded loads of suggestions in the comments and I??m going to gradually go through these, try them out on the kids and add them into what I imagine will be an ever increasing set of sections here.

I??ve started to do study sessions with some of our older home ed kids, so when I do those, I??ll link back to the relevant blog post too, which will have some links and ideas in it as well as linking here to an online version where possible.

Nonsense Poems for Kids to Love.

The Owl and the Pussy Cat ? Edward Lear -? Blog Post

??You are old, Father William?? ? Lewis Carroll –

Aliens Stole my Underpants ?

Macavity the Mystery Cat ? T.S EliotBlog Post

Jabberwocky ? Lewis Carroll -? Blog Post

The Quangle Wangle??s Hat ? Edward Lear

Narrative Poems

Ballad ? W.H. Auden ? Blog Post

The Highwayman ? Alfred Noyes ? Blog Post

Poems to Think About.


The Road Less Travelled ? Robert Frost –Blog Post

The Meeting ? Rachel Field


Travel Poems

Night Mail ? W.H. Auden ? blog post and another blog post!

Casey Jones (endless versions online, so we picked two) Casey Jones


Animal Poems

Cats Sleep Anywhere ? Eleanor Farjeon

The Eagle ? Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Poems without an obvious section yet!

Escape at Bedtime ? Robert Louis Stevenson


Classics Everyone Should Know Of

Upon Westminster Bridge

Fantasy and Fairies

The Fairies ? William Allington ?


The Best of the Poetry Websites

A Child??s Garden of Verse