Favourite Adult Fiction Authors

In no particular order at all, just as they popped into my head. Here are links to the websites of my favourite authors and Amazon links to my favourite books by them. I’m busy working on my Goodreads back catalogue, so you’ll probably find me adding to this list quite a lot! In general, I have linked to my favourite books by the author. Tricky page title, ‘adult’ suggests naughty, doesn’t it!

I’m aiming to read books by 60 new authors this year (though 60 books will do at a push!) and adding book reviews to the blog as I do them.

Kate Atkinson
Author of amazing fiction and the Jackson Brodie detective novels.

Freya North
I think all Freya’s books are completely fabulous; I love them all and can hardly choose. Strong women, great humour, occasionally pleasantly raunchy.

Victoria Clayton
I think Victoria Clayton is a huge talent – all her books delight me; they mix artful whimsy with stunning clarity and perception and are hugely funny and entertaining.

Jane Green
These books seem to split very much into UK/US ones, presumably because she moved. I prefer the UK ones, Bookends being my real favourite.

Elizabeth Buchan
I prefer the books linked to below, the slightly historical rather than the chick lit ones. Beautifully written.

Elizabeth Chadwick
Books which combine great stories and fantastic (historical) characters with a touch of romance and a huge amount of authentic period detail. I’ve learned masses about the pre-Tudor, post Ancient Briton part of English history from these.

Philippa Gregory
Her book The Other Boleyn Girl maybe the best known, but she’s written many wonderful books. I’m not a fan of just a few, mainly the magic based The Wise Woman and the Wideacre Trilogy, but I love all the others.

Jean Auel
I have to admit that I love the first one and although the others are great, they don’t do quite what the first one does. Am still very excited about the finale though!

Eva Ibbotson
My absolute favourite author of fairytale fiction. She sadly died in 2010 and I will miss knowing she is weaving stories.

Katie Fforde
Prodigiously successful and lovely on Twitter too, these books tick boxes for so many people. These are my favourites.

Alison Weir
An amazing historian and author of many factual but easy to read books on the Tudors, Alison Weir turned her hand recently to novel writing, with considerable success. The Geneology is an essential in my house.

Amy Tan
One of my 2011 authors; I adore her style. Threaded with her Chinese heritage, these books are heartwrenching and heartwarming all at once.

Manda Scott
I’ve only read her Boudica books and they are incredible, if harrowing. A truly special way to enter a different world of the life of the Celtic people in Ancient Britain. There are 4 in the series; number 3 is hard to read because the content is brutal but book 4 has a sense of peace to it and it is worth finishing for that.

Books I Have Read

The Boleyn Inheritance
Madensky Square
Green Darkness
The Leopard Unleashed
East of the Sun
The Wise Woman
Stately Pursuits
The Plains of Passage
Home Truths
A Place Beyond Courage
The White Queen
The Dragonfly Pool
Emotionally Weird

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