Ed Report 2010

Ed Report 2010

I’m planning to do a short round up of things we’ve done for each month here to make next years LA visit/document easier. We’re going to be quite busy around that time, i hope, so i want to be on top of things. I also want to do it as a running commentary on how it is NOT necessary to ‘plan’ and how things work if you allow fluidity. If you are wondering what happened to the reports over the last couple of years, they forgot about us for 2 years and we’ve had visits since then, which have both been fine.

July 2009

Fran was in school but completed a Tudor Project from home for school. She volunteered to run junior sports day, had a part and a solo song in the end of term play and joined in various other activities.
Maddy continued with her Celts project, working alone to do some written work and learning some word processing skills.
Amelie did lots of EC, worked on reading on her own and joined in with lots of the Celt reading and learning.
We all went on an orienteering and nature day at Hinchingbrooke Park, using Maddy’s recently acquired map reading skills to great effect.
We went on 2 visits to The Cloth Place and also visited the Anthropology Museum in Cambridge.
Trip to Woburn Safari with Brownie group.
End of the month mainly involved Fran’s op and Amelie’s broken arm. Lots of learning about bones!

August 2009
Harvested family grown tomatoes, peas, courgettes and herbs.
Fran started a fashion project and decided to divide it up into a set of small history projects using fashion as a common theme. As well as lots of model drawing, she worked on the Victorians in more detail.
A costume making project for a space party for all of them.
Plaster cast making and painting.
Attended Ramsey 1940’s weekend and learned lots about the home front.
Went to Audley End SOE day.
Went to Rockingham Castle Viking Day.
Visited Framlingham Castle with friends and took part in Highwayman Crime Day.
Maddy concentrated on a times table maths book throughout the summer.

September 2009
Fran worked on medieval project book and used GP history Chp 3.
Maddy worked on story writing and spelling.
Amelie has used I Wonder Why books and started a houses project.
Fran – life processes and the body from GP Science Chp1 &2 and maps from GP Geography.
Maddy – teeth in GP Science and more map work and drawing plants.
Grew crystals from chemistry set.
Fran baked brownies and lasagne on own, Maddy baked cookies, both made stew.
Fran also worked on teeth and did a pen and pencil and powerpoint poster to show how to keep teeth healthy.
Visited Burghley House water gardens – looked and learned about water pressure.
Joined KYT.
Did Celt cooking and making torcs with friends.
Maddy worked on GP History about Stone Age.
Not Back to School Picnic.
Fran worked on equations, Maddy worked on decimals.
Maddy started rugby.
Healthy Eating Lunch box project.
RI Lectures (The Bigger Bang Chemistry and Electricity and Magnets.)
Viewed Buckingham Castle – discussed monarchy.
Visited Peterborough Museum and Tudor Display.
Puppet Making.
Maddy’s Rubber band-jo – sound waves and frequency.
TutPup website.

October 2009
BrainPop Science website.
Healthy Eating chapter for Maddy GP Science.
Fran completed GP Science Chp 2.
Researched Shakespeare sentences for KYT.
Celtic Craft – making a game from clay.
Science – effects of gases on solids (raisins & fizzy water).
Latin/ Chemistry/Craft group.
Fran did Equations.
Amelie did addition vertically and horizontally.
Maddy finished Yr 5 on EC maths & did lots of timed maths.
Fran read several Victorian fiction books inc Hetty Feather, Workhouse Girl, Mill Girl, Lizzie’s Wish, Polly’s March. Also lots of fact Victorian books and looking at some Charles Dickens stuff.
Fran also took a look at Buddhism.
Huge friends birthday 24 hours.
Trip to O2 to see World Artistic Gymnastics.
3 gym competitions.
Josie learning letters and spelling with cards.
Natural dyeing using natural fixatives and dyes.
More Latin/Chemistry/French/Sewing sessions.

November 2009
Escorting disabled friend and toddler friend on tick or treat – various costume and craft making plus discussion on pagan/Christian roots for Halloween.
Latin/French Science group – chemistry of fireworks.
Fran – science chapter on heart and circulation from GP & GCSE book.
Maddy – tricky word techniques.
Maddy & Amelie – GP Bronze Age.
All got good dancing grades (freestyle & ballet)
Maddy & Amelie learned/reprised column addition and subtraction.
Fran – GP Eng Chp 3 finished, inc comma and adjective work.
Group Denny Abbey history trip ic 3 crafts, learning time & farmland museum.
Fran – GP Symmetry chapter.
Maddy & Amelie did Thanksgiving Brownie Camp, all did learning on Thanksgiving inc craft with friends & dressing as pilgrim fathers.
Fran – Ipswich Regional Final Gym Comp (vault.)
Fran – 3x My Story Tudor books on Katherine/Mary/Jane and finished work on GP Chapter 3 inc religion work. Looked at language in Canterbury tales. Also sentence construction when writing answers to questions with quotes.
Fran moved to Gym General Squad.
Maddy and Amelie using a regular tick list to do normals and added value subjects.
Reading Toms Midnight Garden together.
Lots of sewing of binca by all girls.
Fran Monet project, Maddy Van Gogh Project.
Amelie – lots of interest in mammals and classification.
Maddy – lots of co-ordinate work in GP book; whipping through chps to complete and move on to next book.
Fran – GP Geometry section inc rotational geometry, reflection and symmetry.
Art day with friends using sketching books for inspiration.
Maddy and Amelie tried out Rhythmic Gymnastics.
Science session – chromatography.
Fran – Club General Level Gym Comp – Gold on Bars, Vault and Floor.

December 2009
Week with friends in Sussex.
Visit to South Downs Planetarium.
Christmas Baking & discussion of traditions & preserving.
Felting & discussions on wool production.
Trip to Activity World.
Horrible History DVD & Incredible Human Journey DVD.
Much discussion of HE politics, government & parliament.
Candy Floss machine produced discussion of calories, energy values, diet.
Discussion on deafness, causes and treatments.
Discussion on maths in virus replication.
Lots of sewing of traditional Christmas decorations.
Discussion on figures of speech & world outlook (glass half empty).
Shrinkies- prompted discussion on polymer properties, density, mass etc.
Music lessons & much practise, plus various group activities both playing & theory.
Wednesday Xmas group inc Latin Carols, Xmas French, baking.
Science group – crystal structure, microscope work, building crystals.
Stained glass window colouring; discussion on use, colours, light effects etc
LOTS of snow fun plus discussion on types, effects & reasons for snow.
Holly wreath making, plus traditional Xmas discussion.
Glass and candle painting.
Paper snowflake making, pattern, symmetry discussion.
Wrapping paper printing.
Christmas Cracker making.
Sweet making.
Bag making.
Pipecleaner fun.
Pomander making with cloves and oranges.


Amelie – reading independently about evolution; wrote short explanation of her understanding.
Fran – GP History Matilda/Stephen
Maddy – lots of Horrible Henry reading
Amelie – moved up to B Squad
All had try out at Taekwondo, Maddy decided to take it up.
Josie – writing copying, letter sounds & reading and spotting words with mummy.
Maddy – letter blend unit study, th- words.
Amelie – multiplication in written form, inc long multiplication.
All – times table challenge.
Fran – GP English, chp on WW2, inc family discussion on rationing etc.
All – began keyboard lessons with music teacher.
Josie and Fran – lots of cooking independently or with daddy.
Fran – learning to use sewing machine.
Fran – GP maths on decimals.
Maddy – GP maths on negative numbers.
All – music theory in groups & in individual books.
Maddy & Amelie – winter words brainstorm & story writing.
Fran – Carrie’s War, The Raven Queen.
Maddy & Amelie – Egypt GP History Chp.
All – spelling word games.
All – money/time/maths card games.
Josie – simple maths in a book and beginning violin learning.
Fran and Maddy – learning or relearning to knit.
Amelie – simple sewing projects.
Maddy – history work via GP book.
All – Latin/French/ Music group twice.
All – growing bacteria in Petri dishes and Agar solution & looking at various slides under microscope.
Maddy – dissecting a fish with a group.
Week at CenterParcs with 50 friends; lots of social time and swimming.
Nature – at CP, especially discussion of food chain/ predators in England.
Fran and Amelie tried out tag rugby with Maddy during exhibition match.
Lots of discussion about cell division (after bacteria session) and the maths of that.
Much discussion on pregnancy, baby development and all things connected.
MoshiMonsters website.