Disclosure & Privacy

Patch of Puddles accepts products for review and always gives an honest assessment of products, whether sold via a 3rd party or from our own toy shop.

Where I use the phrase ‘we were sent’ or similar, you can assume I did not pay for the item and am reviewing in exchange for the product. Views are honest and opinions are my own.

Patch of Puddles accepts some paid content. These are placed in the ‘Featured Post’ category for clarity and may or may not include a direct disclosure. However, all posts in the featured post category are ‘disclosed’ as including paid content or free product via this page.

All competitions, featured content and reviews should be marked with this thumbnail. (I do my best anyway!)

Where a link is to a product or website, I do not directly endorse the product/company unless I make it clear from the content of the post that I have used the company and approve of the product.

Privacy & Cookies

Patch of Puddles, in common with most WordPress blogs, uses minimal ‘non-essential’ cookies to operate. These are primarily used when details are stored which are entered by a user to comment on a post or search for a particular keyword to arrive at the site. These cookies can be deleted from your computer if you wish, or computer settings can ensure you never download them and have to enter details afresh each time. I never use details entered for any other purpose other than replying directly to an email comment or notifying of a competition win. Use of this site accepts these cookies and detail entries as reasonable use. In addition a comment entry stores email address, ip address and ip name and these would only be used in the event of threatening or abusive comments to report the user to their internet provider.