In regards to review opportunities and sponsored posts, please read the following fully:

  1. I am always interested in review opportunities and PR days if they are family focused. I no longer review items for babies or under 2’s.
  2. I do not publish infographics.
  3. I do not publish ‘content my readers will find interesting’ or press releases for free.
  4. I work with charities & causes on a persona decision basis; I’m really sorry but I cannot lend time and support to every initiative or awareness raising event for free.
  5. I do accept sponsored posts and adhere to moral, ethical and legal responsibilities in regard to disclosure. I do not fudge that with misleading phrases. I do not sell follow links. If you contact me via this form, you do so with this express understanding.

For non-commercial readers :)

It’s great to hear from my readers and I’m always happy to help where I can. However, I am not able to offer advice on where to find local contacts for Home Educating as I’m pretty rubbish at using the ones in my local area, never mind knowing about anywhere else!

In addition, I am really happy to hear from other parents of lost children or babies but please, please do not email me to tell me I need to be grateful for the children I have and stop grieving for Freddie. If you think that then I’m afraid you simply don’t understand how it feels to walk in my shoes and your comments, however well intentioned, are not welcome.


Many thanks,

Merry (updated 11/11/13)