The Food Frontline; how support changes futures.


Last year an amazing group of parent bloggers and I came together to support the trip that Sian went on to Niger, launching the #ShareNiger campaign to raise awareness of the plight of families struggling against drought and hunger. We now sponsor 11 beautiful children between us from Tera and the letters that come back […]



  This is the image that says childhood to me. The sun is shining, the children are wearing clothes which suit their style but which have seen their day. Those clothes are an invitation to play; everyone came home dusty and scruffy that day. The sun hats show they are loved and that someone has […]

WedEd: sewing, electromagnets (possibly) and The Listeners.


Yesterday was a good day. After a slow start my spirits soared as we came within a tiny distance of sponsoring six children in Niger, I was feeling disappointed in what I had achieved but actually, it suddenly struck me that in 3 days bloggers and readers of blogs have pledged £1700. We are going […]

Be part of something amazing for ShareNiger


Update: We stand at 9 child sponsorships and a total of just under £2500 pledged or donated. WorldVision are fully behind us and tweeting us out, in case you were concerned as to whether we have their blessing. I have included a screenshot of this at the bottom A few weeks ago I posted about […]

What I really learned at Cybher.


Last weekend I went to a conference designed for bloggers. I’ve been before to similar (as blogged previously when I went to BlogCamp and Cybermummy) but CybHer was designed specifically in response (I think) to some people feeling dissatisfied with Cybermummy being a little, shall we say, superficial. I sat next to Sian (CybHer’s erm.. […]