Royal Wedding Easy Kids Craft in Hama Beads

When I was at school, one of my teachers used to call me “the late Miss Taylor” – as you can see, I’m not renown for being on time or early, so my Royal Wedding craft is suitably too late to actually drum up sales. Ah well :)

The girls did these designs today; I’ll do better pictures tomorrow, but I wanted to put their efforts up to be seen. My Union Jack isn’t finished though – ran out of blue at home!


Maddy rather wonderfully did the figures (Kate’s dress being an excellent opportunity try out the new Hama Bead Pearl Colour and the fabulous heart with kate and Will on it. She also did the crown with the veil attached.

Fran did the Hama Bead Bunting, which we are gong to string up (made on large hexagon pegboards with holes for ribbon) and the flags.

Amelie did the Union Jack themed cupcake :D and the blue bunting shape with a K on it (I took the photo backwards!)

Josie did the penguin in a wedding dress. Every Royal Wedding should have one :D

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