Sunday Stitches

Yesterday (before I succumbed to the cold from Hades) I went on a workshop to learn some pretty knitting skills with Debbie Abrahams; she’s a bit of a knitting hero of mine, as lots of the squares from the survival blanket of 2010-2011 came from her books. It was a lovely day, designed to publicise her new book Kaleidoscope (actually Amazon don’t have stock, you’ll have to go and look for a real seller :) ) and lots of fun.


I’ve always avoided beaded squares and intarsia panels because they scared me. Yesterday I learned lots and tried new things and it was great. The first half of my little panel purse is so pretty; I’m very pleased with myself.


Look what I did :)

It has made me want to add Rowan to the Sirdar yarn on the new craft site though because I just do love knitting with Rowan so much… and her beads, well, let’s just say I have my eye on those too ;)

It occurred to me I rarely get the opportunity to be taught things these days. I learn stuff, mostly by trial and error but I’m rarely taught. It was a good feeling, especially to be learning something that was not computer or blog based.

I must try to make that happen more often.

I also realised that while I was sitting in the room feeling much younger than everyone else, actually I’m nearly 40 and not 21 any more and need to start remembering that and not feeling like the girlish junior. Ahem :lol:

Have you learned anything new this week? Or have you stitched anything to be proud of? Let me know – or leave a link so I can see :)


Money can’t buy you love

I know they say that – and it’s true – but nothing beats a birthday where the people who love you go out of their way (and some way out of their pocket) to give you gifts that will bring masses of joy and pleasure.


Look at that; 1000’s of hours of reading, knitting, lovely smelly baths, candlelight relaxing and peace. I’m a very lucky girl.


Josie made me a family of fairies, Maddy a candle holder I have yet to photograph and all of them took great care in planning nice meals and lovely things today.

Fran made me a cake – yummy :)

It’s been one of my best ever birthdays (I didn’t even get older, we moved my birthday from later in the week to today for convenience!) and that is saying something. It might have been different, but since it wasn’t, they made it lovely.

I ADORE my Kindle; it’s definitely going to be a massive hit :)

Thank you all, my darlings. I’ve been well and truly spoiled.