Finished It Friday: Marmite's Nina Blanket


I was reasonably pleased with the first baby blanket I knitted for Marmite. I had wanted squares and a sort of ‘organised’ feel to it and it came up much as I hoped. But the way I constructed it meant the back was quite raw and ‘back of something’ like and I think it will […]

Maternity Purchases. Problem Solved.


If it were not for a friend called Sally, who arranged for me to have an outfit for an award ceremony, I’d have probably gone through this entire pregnancy without anything new to wear at all. As it is, one donated pair of trousers from a friend, one pair left over from last time, one […]

Somewhere between hope and practical.


This has to be the most minimalist hospital bag I have ever packed. Enough stuff to throw in a cupboard without looking if Marmite doesn’t come home, enough stuff to last until someone goes home to get more if he breathes. If he goes to scbu then he won’t need clothes or nappies from home […]

Needing knitting project help.


It is nearly time to start making this baby a blanket and I’m struggling for inspiration. Fran had one made from a pattern and the other girls used it too; after her I never managed to make ones for the others, so my Nana stepped into the breach. Freddie’s I made as a sampler while […]

19 Weeks Pregnant


Marmite has made it to 19 weeks and is still going strong Yesterday my consultant and I agreed I am now half way. We have a date that should be Marmite’s birthday and a plan of sorts. The plan falls somewhere between mental health padded cell accommodation for me and the best and most sensible […]