Keeping Busy Craftily


A side effect of this week being busier was that I got less knitting done, but I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved through the week overall. I managed two squares last week but only one this week, the red, orange and yellow one. Annoyed by my failure with tension down the middle of it though. […]

Continuing on a theme…


We’ve possibly been having a mini-half term here – we’ll probably have one next week too, so perhaps we’re a private school 😉 Yesterday we had S and P here for the day; all the kids did some stuff round the table in the morning, some mathletics and mine did music and they played for […]

Oh, to wear my heart on my sleeve


Six months ago today, our little boy died. 11 days was not enough. Twice in the last few days, people have, meaning to be kind given me their condolences and said “sorry to mention it, you must not want to think about it.” But I do. I think of ‘it’, of him, all the time. […]

Still creating


I’ve knitted some more squares. I’ve made some things. I’ve modelled myself back from another brink, I think. Some days I don’t do much more than a squidge of Fimo or a few rows of knitting, but creating this is helping. I’m going to need more walls, if not more beds, soon though.

Dreams are never free


I’ve been a bit off blogging about the endless, wearying aftermath of trying to come to terms with life through a new lens. Various things caused it but the effect of it has been bad; if I don’t write it down, it washes around my head and causes me pain. In the same way my […]



Damn. I’m all behind again. We’ve had a good few weeks anyway; the homework diaries work really well still. Everyone likes it, everyone is busy and occupied (well, except Amelie who is converting education avoidance into an art form ) I regularly depress myself with the fact that the girls do not get the amazing, […]

Creative every day


We’ve had a really tough week, more disappointment for us and other people I care about, difficult stuff at work and a week of the younger three girls playing SCBU and Labour Ward games with PlayMobil. They’ve been clearly testing me, checking to see how well I cope with their subject matter and it has […]

Pleased so far :)

First, the obligatory pox pic Not too bad, not ill at all and tonight is night 3, so hopefully over the worst. It’s nearly at her ankles and wrists now, so hopefully the worst is over. Amazing the way it spreads like that! I’ve done my piece of art to submit (it’s on flickr, I’ll […]

And the rest of February.

This time of year always seems to be a bit dull; maybe it is just me but i struggle to bring myself to rush about when it is cold, wet and horrible really. Not that i’m a great rusher anyway, but when you have to be out all evening for gym etc, dashing about in […]

February in Brief

Oh dear. Lack of energy and inclination is going to reduce the first half of Feb to what i can remember from Brightkite and Facebook updates. 😆 I shall have to download my camera too and see what i find on there. February started with the launch of a new website for the business, known […]