Various achievements & good things.


Last week Amelie and Fran went off to audition for dancing parts in our city panto, one of those with proper paid cast members (although not dancers!) and a dame and everything. It seemed like it would be a good experience for them to try out an audition, particularly as Fran, buoyed up by how […]

More thoughts on school & home ed.


A while ago I was reading over on Note From Lapland about the Finnish Schooling System. Finland is oft quoted by the home educating community as a paragon of virtue; they start at 6 or 7, learn to read at this age rather than earlier, have a holistic and charming (Chalet School like!) schooling ethos […]

Pondering home educating nearly 10 years in.


It annoys me that I’m not doing a good old inspiring home ed blog any more. I do try but more and more the girls just get on and do stuff, not very visual or exciting stuff, not stuff that warrants dramatic blog posts. more and more, this blog has become about me, or just […]

Bury St Edmunds Abbey Day Out


This is the very best sort of home ed day. Sun, ruined abbeys and questions, so, so, SO many questions! The best thing about going to historical places is that I can normally answer those too This day out at Bury Gardens, which holds the ruins of the abbey, was just amazing. We grabbed the […]

To the Lady Volunteer in the Thrift Shop


Today my friend and I, and our 6 home educated children, were chatting to one of your co-workers in The Thrift Shop. He was telling us about the riding for the disabled programme, showing us pictures and explaining what goes on in the programme. The children, who had just spent a happy 45 minutes visiting […]

A Typical Home Ed Day in Photos – request for carnival submissions


A long time ago, when blogging was just a bright young thing, some people from the Early Years Home Ed group started a tradition of blogging a ‘typical home ed day in photos’ every year in May. The idea was slightly a joke, as not many home ed families have a ‘typical’ day :) but it took off and has been a lovely thing to read and look at over the years. The Early Years Blogring, that yellow box on the right, is a testament to the numbers of people who connect and share ideas and support through blogging their home educating life.

French/Science/Latin/Poetry/English Day


We might need to come up with a catchier title for this. This is now a very long time ago in my head, so I’ll keep it properly brief. We reformed for an ad hoc day of trying out some new things and a different way of getting the kids together to enjoy some education […]

History Day – the Greeks


I am so far behind on educational record keeping it isn’t true. I’ve got at least several nice days to write up, so you’ll just have to take it as read that in between times, they’ve also been doing ordinary stuff, Mathletics etc etc. Music lessons have happened, trampolining been done, ballet exams got through, […]

Learning Through Play – any other way?


Play seems to mean a multitude of different things. It means something a child does that keeps them out of their parents hair, something children do together, sometimes it means a game inside, or a game outside; to me, as a child, playing usually meant being alone, deeply engrossed in a game from my imagination […]