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More Sport Hama Bead Designs & Home Ed Life.

So the Olympics are coming and my sporty girls have entered into the spirit it and helped me get some Hama Bead patterns together. They’ve been very creative and we’ve put a free set of ideas (I’ve lost my design disk… again :( ) on BeadMerrily for Hama Bead enthusiasts. There are a few Maddy made which I’m not risking putting on our slightly more commerical site though ( :( to stupid trademark swines) so here are her ideas for celebrating this internationally and tax payer owned sporting festival. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what we started showing off the other day

Hama Bead Sporting Torch for events held once every 4 years by bodies with no sense of fun who trademark things.

Union Jack Flag for Supporting Great Britain made in Hama Beads.

Hama Bead Gold, Silver & Bronze medals.

Maddy was rightly proud of her Taekwondo fighter.
Hama Bead TaeKwondo

Then Fran and Maddy did some really good 3D ones…
Hama Bead 3D Long Jump Athlete

Hama Bead Swimming Pool with Swimmers

The 3D equestrian set went down well too.
Making things doubled seems to really help to give things strength and make them stand nicely.

There are bigger versions of our other endeavours on BeadMerrily.



And I’m hoping to get as many flags done as I can manage.

Over on MuddlePuddle I’ve put up a linky for Olympic blog posts, crafts and educational ideas. DO add anything you’ve been doing that would be appropriate :) It has some links to some educational pages too and I’m also creating a Pinterest board.

Hama Bead Designs for Autumn

From time to time me and the girls get creative and start making pretty things with Hama Beads again. This is a good time of year for spooky and autumnal designs, so we’ve been beading merrily over the last few days.

The girls had fun making things, most of which I still need to take some pictures of. I loved this leaf by Maddy though.

Over on BeadMerrily, I’ve put some updated Hama Bead Seasons Pictures up on a post there – all the patterns are free, as usual. There is also a Hama Bead Halloween Screen on there, which was designed a few years ago and badly needed to come out of the archives. We’ve got some spooky new designs coming up, but I think the girls will be wanting to do these rather fabulous 3D Spooky Hama ornaments too.

As regular readers of the blog will know, we make our living from our online toy and craft sites. We’re always grateful for customers who buy from us thanks to the blogs and if you put “beadmerrily bag” in the comments box, we’ll send you a little pack of free beads to go with your order :)

Along with all those freebies, here is a 3D pattern Maddy designed the day before Freddie was born. It is available to download free from BeadMerrily or you can purchase it for ??1. All proceeds will go to Hinchingbrooke SCBU.


Hama Bead Easter Bunnies

I can always rely on Maddy to come up with some brilliant Hama Bead patterns for me and she really went for it this time. Maddy, you are a complete star :)



We are just going to stick these together and hang them up now :)

Other offerings include Josie’s chicks

and her rabbit

Maddy’s adaptation of a chick breaking out of an egg from one of the Inspiration books

and a set of card topper designs, also by Maddy.

These join all our other free Easter Bead Patterns on BeadMerrily, a Hama Bead Design Resource from CraftMerrily

Valentine Hama Bead Patterns

In the spirit of creativity, we’re back into Hama Beads and Amelie surpassed herself this week by creating these..

I think they are very beautiful and we each have our own one on our desk. Thank you sweetpea. She inspired me, so I’ve spent a bit of time putting all our current Valentine Hama Designs on BeadMerrily. That page includes links to several free to print designs and also a link to our free to download pdf of Heart Hama Designs. I hope you like it :) Obviously I’m hopelessly late for this years big and silly love fest, but they’ll be there for next year ;)

Easter Egg Hama Bead Designs

Despite being slightly hampered by the fact that my CD Hama Designer has ceased to work (and my spare which is actually Sarah’s is with Jacqui who converts things for me!) and the CD is out of date anyway and doesn’t have the boards, i have produced this page on the brand new BeadMerrily which i think is acceptably followable anyway.


BeadMerrily has its own Flickr account too now :) It goes without saying that if you would consider purchasing your beads from us at CraftMerrily, we’d appreciate it very much indeed.

Nothing but everything

Just to get back into the habit of blogging every day, even though today has been mainly just “stuff” without much planning!

Fran and Maddy have begun on lessons on the keyboard, using a book i got from Ros. Fran is doing very well, and can use c,d and e okay now and read the music for 3 noted tunes with the right timing. Maddy is just starting out. Must look for some simple music theory stuff to help them make sense of the staves and notes.

Maddy and Amelie have spent lots of time with books and a Clifford Phonics cd-rom today at times. Not really been looking but they have been mostly happy, with odd bits of their ongoing power struggle interspersing the playing.

Fran has drawn up all the patterns she designed so they are ready to print and refine. Am going to get Max to explain Excel to her tonight so she can make a table that adds up the colours and make some planning decisions based on it. She worked really hard on that today.

Amelie did swimming and that seemed to go pretty well really. Wasn’t particularly watching as we happen to have co-incided lessons with nearly all our local HE friends (bargain) so we were mainly gossiping ;) Maddy gave Md a letter telling him she loves him and her habitual Hama collection.


Considering he got presented with this declaration of devotion in front of 5 amused adults and offspring, he handled it very well and they seemed to resume their friendship pretty quickly :lol:

Josie has mastered walking downstairs, midi Hama beads, “i love you” and “bed” – very clever.

Muchos playing went on in the afternoon when Aisha, L and A arrived – DSing, babies and Sylvannians and more gossip for the adults.

I’ve got some objectives for the rest of the week, having achieved gettingo ut the keyboard as one of them….

*More stuff on India
*Finish Charles Darwin book
*An artist
*Some music
*Some maths with Maddy
*Some writing with Amelie
*Completing Fran’s design project.

That would be worth blogging. Could write a billion other things about life at the moment, but can’t make them come from my head to my fingers; so won’t.