Finished it Friday: Ben’s Cardigan

I fear I left it too long with this one. I started it when he was a few weeks old and got distracted, thought it wouldn’t matter because he was so small and then he got huge through doing all the feeding that stopped me knitting and now this is clearly only going to fit a week or two!

The only annoying thing is I had a brain storm and knitted the border in a totally different stitch to the cuffs and bottom :roll: But never mind; it is finished nicely, it fits okay in terms of shape and how I put it together and I like that the sides and sleeves match after all :) Do like this Sirdar Baby Crofter yarn. I might have to make him a little funky tank top in it :)

So there you go. A knitting project finished. Hurrah. I would do something crocheted next but 2 of the 6 balls of wool I bought for it has disappeared. Sigh. It’s generally identical to Nina’s cardigan though.

Go and see what Cara has been finishing over at Finished It Friday. I really should have called Bene Hugo… then we could have matched ;)

Finished it Friday: Crochet Storage Pot

Really and truly I’m mid making some little cardigans for Ben, Nina and Kit but now that Ben is properly into cloth nappies I needed something for putting his terry bum wipes into. I’ve got an awful lot of felting yarn, so I thought I really should have another go at making a pot. So far I’ve not been pleased with my efforts. Unfelted they are too floppy and felted dulls the colours too much. This time I crocheted using two balls at a time (then one doubled so I used 3 in all) which produced a lovely strength and pattern. I think it will stay in shape unfelted too, which I am really pleased with.

The yarn is Adriafil felting yarn crocheted in double crochet with an 8mm hook. I felt my wat through the increases and didn’t decrease at all going upwards. It’s more regular than the photo suggests and I love it :)

Part of Finished it Friday at Freckles Family.


Finished it Friday: Ben’s hats.

Last week I partook of Finished it Friday a couple of days early without knowing that by Friday my major project of the day would actually be a brand new baby, who arrived 3 weeks early. After finishing his Blanket, I made him a coming home hat, using a really easy baby hat pattern I found via Ravelry.

I hadn’t banked on a 6lbs 4 baby with a preemie sized head! The one on the right was more sleeping bag than hat.

I made the larger one on a loop, using a short knit pro cable and short 4mm tips and all the ends of the Lang yarn from the blankets. When I came home I remade the preemie size and tried out dpns. I’ve been scared stiff of those but it was nothing like as hard as it looks and I’ll probably use them next time I make a larger size too.

Here is the result. A full on rainbow boy :) The bear is Toffee, a lovely present from lovely friends, who has gained a hat to look after!

I’ve got socks to try next, a blanket to back, a cardigan to make up and a bag to have go at. Plenty to occupy me while I curl up on the sofa and expand a baby :)