Curtain woes.

The windows have been curtainless since our decorating bonanza earlier in the year. Time being the fickle thing it is, I’ve not had time to alter it and anyway, I liked the clean look. This weekend I decided to put up poles (for which you may read ‘beg that Max put up poles’) and try […]

Time to start finishing this blanket.


Last night I finished the 180th square of this blanket. If I even mention another blanket any time soon, shoot me. I love this one but two plain granny square blankets in a year is too much. This one has half the squares already in rolls, so hopefully a few evenings will see it finished. […]

Bene's Bedroom (includes Photowall review)

Seven years ago, we moved into our house with me stinging badly from the knowledge that the fourth bedroom was not, in fact, going to become a bedroom. It’s been many things since, the proper birthplace of BeadMerrily and all the associated businesses and nearly, so nearly, Freddie’s bedroom, even though I never prepared for […]

Home improvements.


A while ago I wrote about wanting to improve how the house looks a bit. A lot of this comes down to tidiness and decluttering and all that (I do try, it isn’t terrible!) but it needs some homely touches too. And most of that needs to come from things which can be pretty as […]

It's not much but it's home.


One of the things I had intended to do this year was make our home more… well… homely. When we first moved here we were all of a dither with big stuff that had been going on. The move was a rush job anyway, one that certainly took the then 18 month old Josie by […]