Merry's Perfect Prairie Muffin Moment.

A couple of weeks ago I got totally and utterly sick of packed lunches, specifically the fact that the girls have ended up hurriedly making sandwiches and grabbing a snack bar, snack bars that are expensive and neither healthy or particularly satisfying. I decided i would try baking, something I absolutely never do, and see […]

The one where Merry catches up using the photos on her phone to remember things


Argh! Weeks have gone by! Argh! Right. Lots of big and important things. Masses. Huge. Fran had an appointment with her surgeon at the hospital. The upshot of this was, as we suspected, they thing she needs more surgery to correct her cleft palate. It’s been obvious for a while that she is hoarse and […]

Domestic Servitude or Fit for Life?

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About a year ago now there was a period of time where home educators were accused, as a pack, of keeping their children at home for domestic servitude and household chores, rather than for the fairly reasonable purpose of wanting them to have an different and meaningful education that would fit them for life. Apparently […]

Money can't buy you love


I know they say that – and it’s true – but nothing beats a birthday where the people who love you go out of their way (and some way out of their pocket) to give you gifts that will bring masses of joy and pleasure. Look at that; 1000’s of hours of reading, knitting, lovely […]