5 reasons The Works made Home Educating easier.

works art

Back in the olden days when budget was less of a problem and my house hadn’t actually exploded with stuff, we would often occupy ourselves with a trip into town, which was within walking distance back then and peruse the lovely retail opportunities it offered. We normally had a reason to go to town in […]

Real Home Ed


The real home ed, of course, continues to happen between times and probably the best times of all are the car ed moments. They always have been. Fran has been reading the Diary of Anne Frank; I think I read this at 14 but she is at a great age to read it, as she […]



As is customary in the Puddle household, last week we took ourselves off to Centerparcs. It’s always a good way for us to have a low maintenance wind down holiday after the busy Xmas period and one of those holidays which, being a large-ish family, has not too much effort attached. In fact, it’s easy, […]