Josie is Seven

It’s a bit of a given, if you have a birthday on November 5th, that your birthday will include fireworks. If you happen to be Josie, your birthday will also include penguins, which it did in various forms, from handmade ones from Maddy to purchased ones from various people (and one she wangled on a […]

Birthday Girls


Earlier in May, Amelie was 9. She had a lovely day I think, even though we didn’t actually do much. It isn’t every child who would be quite so thrilled with a Jayne’s Aircraft Manual, but I’m not complaining. There is nothing wrong with a child who has a good smattering of weird interests 😀 […]

Money can't buy you love


I know they say that – and it’s true – but nothing beats a birthday where the people who love you go out of their way (and some way out of their pocket) to give you gifts that will bring masses of joy and pleasure. Look at that; 1000’s of hours of reading, knitting, lovely […]