Finished it Friday: Ben’s hats.

Last week I partook of Finished it Friday a couple of days early without knowing that by Friday my major project of the day would actually be a brand new baby, who arrived 3 weeks early. After finishing his Blanket, I made him a coming home hat, using a really easy baby hat pattern I found via Ravelry.

I hadn’t banked on a 6lbs 4 baby with a preemie sized head! The one on the right was more sleeping bag than hat.

I made the larger one on a loop, using a short knit pro cable and short 4mm tips and all the ends of the Lang yarn from the blankets. When I came home I remade the preemie size and tried out dpns. I’ve been scared stiff of those but it was nothing like as hard as it looks and I’ll probably use them next time I make a larger size too.

Here is the result. A full on rainbow boy :) The bear is Toffee, a lovely present from lovely friends, who has gained a hat to look after!

I’ve got socks to try next, a blanket to back, a cardigan to make up and a bag to have go at. Plenty to occupy me while I curl up on the sofa and expand a baby :)