WedEd loveliness Halloween/Fairytale style.

WedEd played a blinder this week; this group home ed meeting has settled into something that seems to work really well now and I mostly feel like I pull my weight, which makes me feel better. Bene is (temporarily I suspect) not too high maintenance there, so I can do a couple of activities. Once […]

It's been a proper home ed week.


There has been lots going on here this week, even though I had a day out (more to come on that!) and we spent a day interviewing for new staff. As well as the geography day we did there has been lots of crafting of various sorts. Maddy, Josie and I have put together these […]

WedEd: sewing, electromagnets (possibly) and The Listeners.


Yesterday was a good day. After a slow start my spirits soared as we came within a tiny distance of sponsoring six children in Niger, I was feeling disappointed in what I had achieved but actually, it suddenly struck me that in 3 days bloggers and readers of blogs have pledged £1700. We are going […]

Daffodils at WedEd


Wednesday this week marked a a big improvement in things generally. Not only was I able to drive myself to WedEd or the first time since having Ben but he was also manageable enough for me to be able to get on with being part of the educational offerings again.So this week I brought “Daffodils” […]

Ning Nang Nonsense Poetry

I’ve got a huge stack of proper educational posts from about last September that I really want to write. They all seem to be stuck permanently in draft waiting for me to take photos or upload videos or goodness knows what. It’s annoying that the most educational things we’ve done over the last 4 months […]

Two weeks old & been to WedEd.


So Ben is two weeks old. It seems quite amazing that all that stress and worry turned into a baby and being  at home and everything being really quite normal. I look, it is quite obvious, about ten years younger. I hadn’t realised quite what the time had done to me. I don’t know when […]

Bells, Bangs, Skulls & Potions.

Regrouped for our WedEd? 😉 meet this week, which was lovely in itself but made even better for me by Fran being on half term and so along with us. I do miss having her about, even if I am pleased she is doing well at school. The kids started off with a Day of […]

Not art or latin but something between

Our ArtEtc and LatinEtc days have been suffering a temporary hiatus from lack of people and other commitments recently, so yesterday Zoe and I decided we’d carry on regardless and hope other people rejoin as and when they are able to. We started with some GCSE Biology with all three of the biggest girls, Fran, […]

Poetry Study: Night Mail by W. H. Auden

Last Wednesday was one of our new Co-op-Ed days (which I will blog!) but I did another poem with the each of the older/younger groups. I’m loving doing this, I think it is the first time I have felt properly useful in the group in the whole time we’ve been going and it has made […]

French/Science/Latin/Poetry/English Day


We might need to come up with a catchier title for this. This is now a very long time ago in my head, so I’ll keep it properly brief. We reformed for an ad hoc day of trying out some new things and a different way of getting the kids together to enjoy some education […]