Editorial: Managing Finances

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Life is full of challenges, one of the biggest of which is being able to manage our finances! Turn on the news and you can be almost certain that at least one of the stories will concern someone’s money issues, even the UK is battling through a “difficult economic climate”. Of course, no one said […]

Willpower and me. Ways round my rule breaking habits.

Invented another muffin: fudge and apple. Josie made them.

I spend an awful lot of time coming up with ‘sensible’ ways to reward myself, my children and the family in general for the mundane nature of life these days. This is mainly because I have an awful lot of NOT SENSIBLE ways of rewarding that I really need to break as habits. I let […]

Watching our Solar System by Live Feed in a Safe Environment.

I’ve just done a quick check to find out what the schools our kids go to are doing to help kids experience the eclipse tomorrow. The answer, unsurprisingly and in keeping with a lot of other schools, is they won’t be allowed to be outside to feel the world go dark and hear the birds […]

Don't blink. 


I don’t know what I’ve written in previous Mother’s Day posts. Tears, pain, joy, gratefulness, love.  The whole caboodle.  Mother’s Day is best sidled up to when someone is missing. It’s not about gifts or even about being special.  Perhaps it’s about remembering the duties. Perhaps it’s seeing the space or choosing not to.  They […]