Flitting like a butterfly.

Ummi zoomis are a big fabourite at the moment, making shape games a perfect fit for playtime #toddlerplay

One of the problems with being a bit of a ‘plant’ (opposite of completer finisher as opposed to ‘a bit of a vegetable’) is that the internet ends up littered with bright ideas you didn’t finish but that you really should have. One of these is MuddlePuddle which was my first ever site and was […]

I brak the otion with a niphe.

Making a gym achievements poster #FridayHomeEd

I’ve documented our reading journey plenty over the years.  Two children who found reading became magically easy at 8ish and who are now, by and large avid readers. One who learned to read all on her own at 6 and yet has never, even at nearly 13, become someone who reads for pleasure. One who […]

5 reasons The Works made Home Educating easier.

works art

Back in the olden days when budget was less of a problem and my house hadn’t actually exploded with stuff, we would often occupy ourselves with a trip into town, which was within walking distance back then and peruse the lovely retail opportunities it offered. We normally had a reason to go to town in […]

Another little evacuee.

One little evacuee heading off for a day of spam sandwiches and gas mask practice.

A couple of years ago Amelie managed to sneak in on an evacuee day only a couple of weeks after joining school. Today Josie, otherwise known as Ivy Wilson, visited Stibbington to do the same day. From spam sandwiches (she woosed out and went for jam) to an air raid and having to write with […]

Sponsored Video: Choosing wisely for a bright future.

We flowed from the high of GCSE results day to the final decision on what Sixth Form Fran would attend, to last minute tweaks and changes to A Level choices and the scheduling in of enrichment activities around personal commitments. And all of it, for the first time, was judged up against the future. Lists […]

Sponsored Video: Stand Up For Good Snacks

The endless shame of toddler parenting for me is, yet again, how far I fail in the food department. 5th time round, I still have a child who has hit age 2 with the palate of an adult and then suddenly regressed until nothing but white processed bread will do. Natural weaning, home made or […]