Hama Beads

Like the good old days.

I’d forgotten how much fun it is to just sit and make things with Hama Beads. I think they are still my favourite crafty stuff; I couldn’t bear to not have a shop full of them!

Happy with my #shamrock #hamabeads for #stpatricksday #getyourcrafton #bitlate
I’m clearly in need of a bit of therapy; the breast lump thing has knocked me back badly, even though it was okay. Anxiety has skyrockets and couple with April approaching – meh. I need to talk, I think but there is no time and no one to really listen.

Very lovely afternoon with Josie and the #hamabeads today.
Josie and I sat and beaded in the SPring sunshine today, listening to Percy Jackson and thinking our thoughts. Very soothing. The daffs in the garden make me smile, just about and creating patterns from scratch for the first time in years is lots of pleasure.

Not really daffodil enough but quite pretty. #hamabeads #daffodilboy #daffodil
Even the ‘not very daffodil at all’ one.

Later on we joined everyone who stuck with the gym and made it happen for a great big play session and party. It was fabulous – I’m bubbling with joy to see what we’ve achieved.

Well, I'm over half way. #ripple #crochetaddict
Even the ripple is coming on :) A longer job that I intended.

I’ve booked on another Debbie Abrahams knitting course with my birthday money. Squeak!

Daffodils in Hama Beads

Oh, I’ve not had the Hama Beads out in such a long time; a bit of therapy was needed tonight though and they just arrived in my hands, as it were. On with the daffodil theme so they will still be here in April (all the garden ones are out now… Sob) and these are just in time for St David’s Day too.


I’m not sure if I still have a drawing disk I can do patterns with but her are some face on pictures you can copy.

On a large hexagon.

Also on a large hexagon.

On a small star.

Please do feel free to pin them and join me in any daffodil crafts for Freddie’s 4th birthday on 2nd April. The hashtag is #DaffodilBoy. I’ll do a linky at some point.

Cat Crafts.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have been forced to endure my humiliating re-entry into Fimo modelling the other week as I attempted to get to grips with making model cats. I can’t believe quite how much ability I have lost in 20 months or so of not picking up any polymer clay. It’s not like I’m brilliant at the best of times but somehow seeing how clever some people are on the internet has made me worse – well that and total lack of practice!

Still, I really wanted to get back into doing some crafts for here and on my various other websites, so it seemed a good time to force myself to get back to it. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration, tried my hand at some fast cat shapes… and totally failed. After two days, I had come up with no more than the poorer elements of this batch of reprobates.

Before anyone compliments the black one… that was Maddy’s. Yep. She did better than me in one go!

I decided that I’d have to try harder. I hate it when the girls give up without achieving what they set out to do, so thought I should aim to take my own advice. I sat down with some books, worked on some more cattish techniques (I wonder if not being a cat person didn’t help?) and eventually had faces I liked. These two seemed quite interesting little chaps, even if not quite what I had intended. Thank you for the inspiration Christi Friesen.

And with that… some cats appeared… I ended up really quite pleased with these two.
Fimo Wizard Cats

There is now a tutorial on how to make them over at Simple Crafts. As a humbling reminder of how much a skill requires exercising to keep it, it worked well :/

Since then, a few other things have got made too…

Hama Bead CatsThe girls were coerced into making Hama Bead Cats for me which are featuring on BeadMerrily.

We’ve experimented with pom poms to make cats… I’ve got a tabby and a tortoiseshell to finish too.

pompom cats

And Maddy finished off her cat bag too.


You’ll be able to find how too of all of these on Simple Crafts over the next few days (scheduled posts.. go me!)

If you want some more inspiration, you could visit my Cat Crafts Board on Pinterest.


Making Poppies for Remembrance Day & other Autumn crafts.

We dipped into Remembrance Day crafts again today, ready for spending some time on World War work on Thursday and Friday. We’ve covered this a fair bit over the last two years and so it was easy to pick up the threads of previous work, especially as Fran has been doing WW1 recently too.


We had a lovely time making our own versions of poppies this year. Maddy’s was by far the classiest, a real twist on the idea and highly stylish. That girl is going to be dangerous once she really gets into the swing of Pinterest. I loved how she shaped it and stitched beads into it. There is a how to on SimpleCrafts. I would really love you to sign up to the email subscription over there as I’ll be putting all my crafty things on there in the future and just keeping a log of what we do here. This blog is too huge and old and disorganised.

The blog is getting lots of hits for Remembrance Day crafts at the moment; if you’ve not seen them before, there is a simple felted poppy post here and several other poppy crafts here too, along with some of the work we did along side making them.

I’m going to do an updated version of this Fimo craft over the next few days too.

Maddy’s stitched poppy came about because we did these (top left) yesterday. There have been a good few firework crafts done this week.

Firework crafts

While making whizzy bang things we recalled making gunpowder last year and read all about Guy Fawkes on this rather good history website. We thought it was about time Josie understood a bit more about why we have fireworks on her birthday :lol:

If you are wondering why I’ve been a bit quiet here recently, it’s because as well as operations and new staff and gazillions of things going on, I’ve been building Simple Craft, designing two new business ideas and rebuilding 2 other sites. So You could take a look at Fimo Ideas in its new Fimo news style with this gorgeous thing an artist made and also see some of the new resources I’ve been adding to BeadMerrily to make it a better Hama Bead resource.

From poppies to penguins in one post. You’ve got to admire my spirit ;)

Domestic Goddesque

Autumn in Hama Beads… again :)

I’ve seen this idea pop up on Pinterest a few times and was desperate to have a go and see if it really was as easy as it looks. Seems like a great fun way to use up mixed up Hama Beads. Today we had the beads out to make a whole heap of pictures for Autumn and so I grabbed a handful of blending bead colours, chucked them in a little glass bowl and popped them in the over. This was the result.

Oh that was fun!!!!! #hamabeads

It really was as simple as could be. I didn’t worry about getting the beads the right way up or anything fiddly, just made sure they were no more than one layer deep and cooked them for about 10 minutes for so at 200c.


We tried a few different lengths of cooking time and you can get different effects from that but after this one was out, all I did was hold the bowl in my hand (inside a tea towel) and use a cold teaspoon back to press the inside a bit flatter. Then we waited till it was cold and pried it out. LOVE it. The gold beads really make it sparkle and the beads get a lovely gloss on them which stays after the cool.

So now, I’m thinking… what can we use them for… what else can we do with this nifty use for these beads? Any ideas?

We’ve also been up to other Hama Beady stuff so check out BeadMerrily and Simple Crafts for what we’ve been up to.

If you are waiting for competition results, I’m collating all the entries for the judge… won’t be long :)



Crafty stuff that was done Simply ;)

We’ve had a pleasant summer, trying new crafts out, making pretty things and working together on projects, most of which have found their own special post on my brand new website, SimpleCrafts. I’m trying to make a place to put together all the nice things we make and do and showcase them, mostly so we do more of it. They get a bit lost on here sometimes.

 Maddy and I made these… they looked very surreal tucked in the garden.

These flower vases got made at WedEd one day – they are fabulous.

Felted flower picture with our wet felting efforts. Did I blog that already?

This week Fran has scrapbooked, and Maddy has gardened and written songs and Fimo’d with me. The other girls played and Bene learned to clap. It’s being lovely.

SimpleCrafts would love some links (or stumbles, pins, facebooks, tweets – I know it’s an ask!) so if you fancy wearing its badge or giving it a link somewhere, I’ll happily return the favour with a blogroll link and wind you in to the writing over there too. :) Just leave me a comment so I know.

Simple Crafts


A Hama Bead Competition with a Great Prize!

You don't have to know me terribly well to know that much of my blogging (ahem, educational provision, crafting, life in general) revolves around Hama Beads. We have the life we do because of them; they were our very first product and we had an entire website devoted to them. Still do in fact :)

With the summer holidays looking like they could be a BIT WET to say the least, we thought we would offer up a competition to keep your small people occupied with this fantastic craft product, one many people have in their homes already. Between now and 31st August (at midnight) we'd love to receive photos of your kids works of Hama Bead art based on the theme “An Amazing Holiday” (but you can interpret that however you wish!)

The prize will be a £100 gift voucher to spend on PlayMerrily, CraftMerrily, Jolly Dollies or The Little Big Toy Shop on whatever you choose. We reserve the right to add additional prizes to the pot if we get plenty of entries too, so the more the merrier. The winner will be judged by a member of DKL Marketing LTD or Hama Beads themselves (to be confirmed).

Entrants should be under 18, but can have help, Midi, Maxi or Mini Beads can be used and they can be used in any way – you are welcome to be innovative and all entries should be unique rather than copied from the internet or a book (inspiration is fine). Judges decision is final and we reserve the right to display images of entries on our websites (with appropriate credit to the creators).

Starter Kit £16.90 marked down to £11.95

To help you get started, we've created a Midi Hama Bead Starter Kit with a huge (almost) 30% off (damn that 0.7%) which you can purchase and use if you wish, but purchase is not a condition of entry.


Over the next few days some bloggers, who have been given some starter packs, will be posting up their own ideas to give you some inspiration. They'll be eligible for entry and their ideas will be logged as the first versions of those designs. Other entries will be kept secret until closing date unless you choose to post them somewhere. However, we'd love help to spread the word so if you tweet, Facebook, G+ or blog about the comp, do tell me in the comments and you might just get a prize :)

When you have a completed entry, you should email it to patchofpuddles at gmail dot com with a note of the first name and age of the child.


More Sport Hama Bead Designs & Home Ed Life.

So the Olympics are coming and my sporty girls have entered into the spirit it and helped me get some Hama Bead patterns together. They’ve been very creative and we’ve put a free set of ideas (I’ve lost my design disk… again :( ) on BeadMerrily for Hama Bead enthusiasts. There are a few Maddy made which I’m not risking putting on our slightly more commerical site though ( :( to stupid trademark swines) so here are her ideas for celebrating this internationally and tax payer owned sporting festival. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what we started showing off the other day

Hama Bead Sporting Torch for events held once every 4 years by bodies with no sense of fun who trademark things.

Union Jack Flag for Supporting Great Britain made in Hama Beads.

Hama Bead Gold, Silver & Bronze medals.

Maddy was rightly proud of her Taekwondo fighter.
Hama Bead TaeKwondo

Then Fran and Maddy did some really good 3D ones…
Hama Bead 3D Long Jump Athlete

Hama Bead Swimming Pool with Swimmers

The 3D equestrian set went down well too.
Making things doubled seems to really help to give things strength and make them stand nicely.

There are bigger versions of our other endeavours on BeadMerrily.



And I’m hoping to get as many flags done as I can manage.

Over on MuddlePuddle I’ve put up a linky for Olympic blog posts, crafts and educational ideas. DO add anything you’ve been doing that would be appropriate :) It has some links to some educational pages too and I’m also creating a Pinterest board.

Stuff we do.

I’ve got a post coming up sometime soon on why it’s been such a very long stream of at home days for so long and what we are doing about it, but while life has been mostly home, we’ve got on and done nice things. It’s been the mostly lovely, healing 4 months forums. We’ve just hunkered down (helped by the weather!) and been a family. It hasn’t been thrilling or exciting, but it has been very much what we needed.

Lately talk has turned to big and interesting projects again, specifically Tudors, as everyone gets excited by the idea of doing Kentwell next year. It’s been a longtime since a group project; slightly ironic if it ends up being Tudors again though!

The sewing practice is still going on with considerable success. Amelie’s is missing from here. She did a gorgeous cat purse but promptly lost it somewhere!

Maddy is stepping up her drawing again, mostly fuelled by a return to Pokemon I think.

She also had her first go at woodwork; we’ve cleared out the garage now and hopefully a bit more of this will happen. Must teach her to sand!

I can always rely on Maddy to turn an idea into reality; I ask for equestrian Olympic Hama beads and that is what I got!

We had a nice day doing these and hopefully I’ll have some patterns up on BeadMerrily shortly.

Max is bored of shopping, I think, or trying to save money, so Maddy has got good at turning out a quick batch of biscuits :) she fancies some new easy recipes too, so I must find her some.

And no blog post would be complete without the gratuitous picture of Bene, now 16lbs in weight and utterly huge and adorable. Hard to believe he’s nearly 5 months already. He doesn’t sleep if I try to put him to bed through the day, but apparently he can snooze if he thinks he’s doing something. I can see which way this is heading.

Please don’t look at the carpet. My cleaner is on holiday.

Klimt’s The Kiss.

Let’s move on to something a little nicer. Remember we were looking at this?

Over Friday and the weekend we thought we would have a go at a representation of this picture in…. Hama beads!

And here is the finished article.

Rather a good piece of collaborative art we thought :)

What I loved about doing it was it made us all really look at the elements of the painting. I don’t think any of us will forget it any time soon :lol:

Today we’ve done normals and sewing and some baby love.

Isn’t this little 16 weeker a cutie?

Gorgeous, isn’t he :)