Like the good old days.

I’d forgotten how much fun it is to just sit and make things with Hama Beads. I think they are still my favourite crafty stuff; I couldn’t bear to not have a shop full of them!

Happy with my #shamrock #hamabeads for #stpatricksday #getyourcrafton #bitlate
I’m clearly in need of a bit of therapy; the breast lump thing has knocked me back badly, even though it was okay. Anxiety has skyrockets and couple with April approaching – meh. I need to talk, I think but there is no time and no one to really listen.

Very lovely afternoon with Josie and the #hamabeads today.
Josie and I sat and beaded in the Spring sunshine today, listening to Percy Jackson and thinking our thoughts. Very soothing. The daffs in the garden make me smile, just about and creating patterns from scratch for the first time in years is lots of pleasure.

Not really daffodil enough but quite pretty. #hamabeads #daffodilboy #daffodil
Even the ‘not very daffodil at all’ one.

Later on we joined everyone who stuck with the gym and made it happen for a great big play session and party. It was fabulous – I’m bubbling with joy to see what we’ve achieved.

Well, I'm over half way. #ripple #crochetaddict
Even the ripple is coming on :) A longer job that I intended.

I’ve booked on another Debbie Abrahams knitting course with my birthday money. Squeak!

Daffodils in Hama Beads

Oh, I’ve not had the Hama Beads out in such a long time; a bit of therapy was needed tonight though and they just arrived in my hands, as it were. On with the daffodil theme so they will still be here in April (all the garden ones are out now… Sob) and these are just in time for St David’s Day too.


I’m not sure if I still have a drawing disk I can do patterns with but her are some face on pictures you can copy.

On a large hexagon.

Also on a large hexagon.

On a small star.

Please do feel free to pin them and join me in any daffodil crafts for Freddie’s 4th birthday on 2nd April. The hashtag is #DaffodilBoy. I’ll do a linky at some point.