The Gallery: Yellow

And just like that, he drew 'yellow'.

We went to the library, to see the lady read the books – and she read some books about Spot.

Oh Spot… you and I have been friends a long, long time now.

And afterwards, they do drawing.


And he picked up the yellow pen and, with great deliberation, drew a yellow circle. And told me so.,

He doesn’t say ‘lellow'; he may lisp ‘yeth’ for yes, but he has yellow all sorted.

And then he added eyes and a mouth and said,

Bene drew this very carefully and said 'Smile... Face!'

“Face… Smile!”

And then some fur.

A cat.

He’s growing up so quickly now.

He's nearly 3. I don't get how that is even a thing that can be true.

Entered, due to the serendipity, into The Gallery this week.

Almost 3.

Big & Little.








He’s almost three.

It’s hard to believe there was ever a time when he wasn’t firmly at the centre of the family.

The boy who lived. (Which was very nearly the title of the post announcing his birth, but I was too scared to tempt fate by using it).

He talks ALL the time now. When he doesn’t know the word he find a way round it.

When he can’t get us to do his bidding he finds a way round us.

Cheeky boy who had a lovely time at playgym.

He’s the cheekiest, sunniest, happiest, most filled with sunlight boy I could imagine.

'Wow, massive rainbow!' Says Bene, the rainbow baby. (Who is nearly 3!)

“Wow! A massive rainbow. I drawed a massive rainbow, mummy!”

Gymnast in the making I think. (The boy, not Fran!)

he has things he likes to do, places he likes to go. He has memories of trips to the library that he can draw on and talk about.

Show me the cars, daddy.

“Twinkle twinkle little star, Bene and Daddy racing car”. He made up his own little song.

Go higher, daddy!!!

He’s a fearless daredevil.

Last week I took him to playgym and my little boy dashed off and didn’t look for me all session.

He loves his nursery – but hates being dropped off.

On his (!!!) my-pad.

He’s a whizz with an ipad, if I let him have it. I rarely do.


It’s so very hard to imagine a time without him.

To be honest, I try very hard not to.

Almost three, baby boy. Almost three.

Big and Little.


I was beyond tired today, of the worn out and grumpy and tearful with it variety.

Fran let me go back to bed. When I woke up, they were deeply embroiled in kitchen stuff.


There was a lot of mess (which they tidied up; result!)

There was a lot of hard work.


There was a very happy little boy who loved every minute and learned to lick the bowl.


And delicious cakes.


I’m a bit of a rubbish mum at doing things like this so I’m extra grateful to big sisters who do. These are the things his memories will be made of.

And I got to giggle at the naked icing that happened – it was a fun body art installation by the end!

Simple Things


We had 3 days apart this week, Bene and I. It was too long really, though I had a marvellous time. And he was fine.

This morning was perfect, him waking up to find me in the bed I wasn’t in when he fell asleep last night. There was pure delight in his eyes. It was a long, slow morning of joyful milky cuddles and an extended lie in.

Then he spent his day like this.


A baking tray full of lentils and split peas, a small bowl, a coffee scoop and a tea spoon. We played for ages together then he played for hours along, pretending to cook, riding horses through it, driving tractors through it.

60p of pulses that are (remarkably!) very easy to sweep up and use again and hours of educational fun. Perfect.

There’s no place like home, as they say.

Bene is in nursery more than I’d choose just now. Depending on how the next few months go, I might soon be working outside the home.

I must remember to make the most of this time.

Too tight to try a tuff spot.


This is what happens when you are doing toddlers for the 5th time.

The girls would have got a tuff spot. Bene gets a cat litter tray and a bag of soup beans.

I really wanted to be be good at toddler stuff this time round. I was going to be all messy play and letting our hair down.

But I’m rubbish. I hate mess. I’ve not got time to set up invitations to play.

Heigh ho.

Turns out a cat litter tray is quite fun anyway.