The boy, the bed & the bedroom.

After 2.5 years, give it take the few cot months before the chest infections, this happened at nap time today.


He’s co slept almost his whole life he naps on a mat at nursery but here he feeds to sleep and sleeps in our bed. Mostly he sleeps through if he has daddy for company; if it is me, he snacks :roll:

Today felt like time to move on. I took him to his room got his nap and he cuddled with milk till he slept and woke up pleased about ‘Bene’s bed’. Tonight he went there again, with our usual long cuddle and feed.

And where am I tonight? Asleep on the floor beside him, worried the bath will land in him.

I’ll tackle that worry tomorrow. Tonight I will settle for him sleeping and still being alive come morning.

Another step on the journey.

A Pox on the House.

Poor old Bene has been suffering from Chicken Pox this week. I say suffering, but in fact he’s been remarkably well with it really; we thought we were going to get it a few weeks ago when my nephew was here for a day the day before he went dotty but he missed it then, only to immediately pick it up at nursery, where half his room currently look like Dot Man.

I’m not sorry to be seeing chicken pox for the last time. Josie had it in 2010 and the other girls had it years and year ago, all in one go (though inconsiderately spread across an entire summer). It’s a vile, horrid virus that people don’t take nearly seriously enough. It can kill, it scars, it can turn nasty very quickly, it has all sorts of complications that people are completely under informed about. It horrifies me when I hear people talking about having pox parties, I would never want to deliberately infect a child with it.

Amelie had chicken pox in combination with eczema and impetigo and ended up in a devastatingly bad way in hospital. We were lucky not to lose her in all honesty. You can read about it in this post here. Even Josie managed a complication when he eye developed a limbitis on her eye. All very annoying.

Pox is not making him happy today.

Fortunately (touch wood) aside from a few of his spots being a little infected (cream being applied vigorously), Bene hasn’t had a terribly bad time of it. I know he had a spot on Tuesday but I had no idea what it was, PICKED it on Wednesday thinking it was either a tick or a slinter because it looked so odd and totally missed the 2 that must have been on his back until Thursday night. Friday he got a few spots, Saturday he got lots and was a bit sad and Sunday he got quite a lot more. He has hardly any on his legs and arms but lots of his face and a good number on his back and front. Probably 150 altogether or so. The ones on his face as worst; they are going to scar.

Hate hate hate chicken pox. Hate the blasted unpredictable malevolence of it.
They’ve got worse since this photo :(

I really rage at this virus, it feels such an assault on them. I can never be calm (though I’ve done quite well this time) in case it suddenly does something awful again. It makes me so mad all of them are marked by it.

They got him good  Nasty pox.

Still. Could be worse. And now, hopefully we are done.

A good day.

It’s not often that a trip to Milton Keynes and an ill prepared exam equal a good day.

Today they did.

Today I met up with a friend and the woman she will marry soon to pick my best woman dress. And I fitted into dresses without whimpering and picked from two that looked lovely and chose the more daring one because now I can. And there was even a hint of surprise in the shop owners voice that I am a mother of six.

That was an excellent part. But we weren’t allowed to take photos :(

Then there was this little face…


When we hired him this :)


Leaving it behind was painful though :roll:

And then there was the girl who came out of English literature gcse with a smile even though 2 weeks ago she had never done an exam paper question (don’t ask) because the work she and I put in together made a difference.

She celebrated with skittles.


I love my teenager :) She’s 16 on Friday. Whimper.