Flitting like a butterfly.

Ummi zoomis are a big fabourite at the moment, making shape games a perfect fit for playtime #toddlerplay

One of the problems with being a bit of a ‘plant’ (opposite of completer finisher as opposed to ‘a bit of a vegetable’) is that the internet ends up littered with bright ideas you didn’t finish but that you really should have. One of these is MuddlePuddle which was my first ever site and was […]

I recognise this.


I have a younger brother and sister. We are more spaced out in years than my eldest children are so I was fairly aware of my brother, at least, as he grew up through the stages of little boy hood. There used to be traffic jams by every skirting board snaking their way round our […]

I was only just watching him….

Yay. A&E #LegoUpNose

I was right there, sat in the room with him, keeping an eye. I only got up for a minute, just to pop some books back on the shelf. Okay, he was a bit precariously balanced but he was quiet, behaving well, busy playing on the dresser edge with something or other. So I just […]

Nearly 3.

Alarming hair; he seems to have grown a tail and a crest. Does he think he's a moorhen

The boy will be 3 next week. Hard to believe that the bump that felt like it would never be born, who became Marmite and who was that terrifying, ever sleeping, jaundiced scrap of a baby for so long, is now a wild, walking, talking, dustbin lorry loving little boy. My Timehop from a year […]

Clever Gifting for 3 Year olds with Older Siblings.

How creepy is the leering pumpkin

As another Christmas threatens to roll down on the family with the weight of a dumper truck, I do my normal helpless gaze around of the beleaguered mother; first I have to think of new and original gifts for 5 children and then I have to find somewhere to put them. When a little boy […]