Daffodils in Hama Beads


Oh, I’ve not had the Hama Beads out in such a long time; a bit of therapy was needed tonight though and they just arrived in my hands, as it were. On with the daffodil theme so they will still be here in April (all the garden ones are out now… Sob) and these are […]

Making Poppies for Remembrance Day & other Autumn crafts.


We dipped into Remembrance Day crafts again today, ready for spending some time on World War work on Thursday and Friday. We’ve covered this a fair bit over the last two years and so it was easy to pick up the threads of previous work, especially as Fran has been doing WW1 recently too. We […]

Crafty stuff that was done Simply ;)

felted flowers

We’ve had a pleasant summer, trying new crafts out, making pretty things and working together on projects, most of which have found their own special post on my brand new website, SimpleCrafts. I’m trying to make a place to put together all the nice things we make and do and showcase them, mostly so we […]

More Sport Hama Bead Designs & Home Ed Life.

So the Olympics are coming and my sporty girls have entered into the spirit it and helped me get some Hama Bead patterns together. They’ve been very creative and we’ve put a free set of ideas (I’ve lost my design disk… again ) on BeadMerrily for Hama Bead enthusiasts. There are a few Maddy made […]