St Patrick's Day Fimo Crafts

polymer clay shamrock

When Bene was just new born, I accidentally got my children to do St Patrick’s Day crafts a whole month early, thanks to baby brain and befuddlement. They’ve never let me forget it. I think they thought history was repeating itself today when I suggested a similar activity, but on this occasion it was just […]

Shimmering Fimo Coasters

iPhone March 2013 195

Last year I had to make a secret santa present for one of my very loveliest friends – and she doesn’t approve of cute, clutter or anything that isn’t practical. (I’m not totally sure that is actually true, but it was her stipulation at the time!) This was tricky – and meant I couldn’t make […]

Making Poppies for Remembrance Day & other Autumn crafts.


We dipped into Remembrance Day crafts again today, ready for spending some time on World War work on Thursday and Friday. We’ve covered this a fair bit over the last two years and so it was easy to pick up the threads of previous work, especially as Fran has been doing WW1 recently too. We […]

WedEd loveliness Halloween/Fairytale style.

WedEd played a blinder this week; this group home ed meeting has settled into something that seems to work really well now and I mostly feel like I pull my weight, which makes me feel better. Bene is (temporarily I suspect) not too high maintenance there, so I can do a couple of activities. Once […]

It's been a proper home ed week.


There has been lots going on here this week, even though I had a day out (more to come on that!) and we spent a day interviewing for new staff. As well as the geography day we did there has been lots of crafting of various sorts. Maddy, Josie and I have put together these […]

Normal service will resume…


Shortly. Possibly. Life has got rather complicated. Not only do we have children doing what is fast becoming an almost impossible combination of activities but business is heading into its busy time and 2 of our staff are moving. Gulp. Luckily we will manage, but the well oiled machine will be, erm, using different oil. […]

Crafty stuff that was done Simply ;)

felted flowers

We’ve had a pleasant summer, trying new crafts out, making pretty things and working together on projects, most of which have found their own special post on my brand new website, SimpleCrafts. I’m trying to make a place to put together all the nice things we make and do and showcase them, mostly so we […]

Coming up for air. Breastfeeding amendments.


A few days ago I admitted defeat over exclusive breast feeding. It hasn’t really worked for Bene and I all that well; he has gained weight brilliantly (he’s over 16lbs at just short of five months, which given he was 5 1/2 lbs at one point is quite impressive) and he sleeps all night which […]

Klimt inspired art.

Klimt Inspired Multi Media Collage

I needed a shove today to get creative (actually, I needed several shoves just to get upright ) and thankfully Maggie from Red Ted Art came through with her new Kids Get Arty linky. As an aside, Maggie did a lovely guest post for me on MuddlePuddle the other week, which is a really nice […]