St Patrick’s Day Fimo Crafts

When Bene was just new born, I accidentally got my children to do St Patrick’s Day crafts a whole month early, thanks to baby brain and befuddlement. They’ve never let me forget it. I think they thought history was repeating itself today when I suggested a similar activity, but on this occasion it was just me being organised and coming up with a craft that was almost topical but slightly ahead for once. I’m a habitual blogger for next year, when it comes to crafts and I really should do better. I had such a pleasant time with my daffodils the other day (first garden one bloomed today… sob).

I’ve blogged a nice easy sweetie jar/candle holder over on SimpleCrafts (don’t faint) but I’m saving this pretty for here – because I just love it.

polymer clay shamrock

I spent ages on all those twiddly bits and just for once it came out exactly as it was in my head. I shall have to mount it on something I think and put it somewhere pretty. We deserve some luck I think.

Josie and Maddy sat with me for ages. Josie followed instructions to make a Fimo Leprechaun and I think it is the best thing she has ever made.

Josie's #fimo #stpatricksday leprechauns.

and Maddy made a lovely shamrock charm which has a touch of the Celtic to it I think.

Maddy's #fimo #stpatricksday lucky #shamrock charm.Isn’t it gorgeous?

Candle holder with #fimo #shamrocks for #stpatricksday using #jarcrafts

Happy days…

There is a whole list of Springish crafts in the sidebar if you are interested :)

Shimmering Fimo Coasters

Last year I had to make a secret santa present for one of my very loveliest friends – and she doesn’t approve of cute, clutter or anything that isn’t practical. (I’m not totally sure that is actually true, but it was her stipulation at the time!) This was tricky – and meant I couldn’t make her one of my family Fimo models :lol:

So I struck out into the world of practical but arty and in  the end, after much trauma in the design process, I was quite pleased with the result.

iPhone March 2013 195I started off by rolling long pieces of black Fimo (use Classic, Soft is just too hard to deal with) and winding them up into liquorice rolls. I made lots so I could experiment with fitting them together. I had a set of circular cookie cutters and I aimed for each coaster to be about the size of the biggest of these.

iPhone March 2013 576

For this set I just placed a central whirl and then six around the outside on top of a flat piece of black Fimo I had rolled out. I placed the largest cutter over the top and pressed out the shape, then dusted the tops with these mica powders. These were then baked. Once cooled, I filled the gaps with Liquid Fimo and tipped nail art beads into the spaces. (WHY would anyone do that to their nails? WHY?) I then baked it again and varnished when cool.

I think they went down okay :)

Since then I’ve had a go with some different designs. I quite like cutting half moons out of them with smaller cutters and slotting the pieces back together.

iPhone March 2013 577

These ones have powder done the same and nail art beads pressed into the swirls and then varnish on top.

iPhone March 2013 585

I’d love to do more of these; I’ve not managed to make time yet and having got bored of rolling clay, I tried extruding but it HURTS but I will try again some time. Was lots of fun to do though.

Cat Crafts.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have been forced to endure my humiliating re-entry into Fimo modelling the other week as I attempted to get to grips with making model cats. I can’t believe quite how much ability I have lost in 20 months or so of not picking up any polymer clay. It’s not like I’m brilliant at the best of times but somehow seeing how clever some people are on the internet has made me worse – well that and total lack of practice!

Still, I really wanted to get back into doing some crafts for here and on my various other websites, so it seemed a good time to force myself to get back to it. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration, tried my hand at some fast cat shapes… and totally failed. After two days, I had come up with no more than the poorer elements of this batch of reprobates.

Before anyone compliments the black one… that was Maddy’s. Yep. She did better than me in one go!

I decided that I’d have to try harder. I hate it when the girls give up without achieving what they set out to do, so thought I should aim to take my own advice. I sat down with some books, worked on some more cattish techniques (I wonder if not being a cat person didn’t help?) and eventually had faces I liked. These two seemed quite interesting little chaps, even if not quite what I had intended. Thank you for the inspiration Christi Friesen.

And with that… some cats appeared… I ended up really quite pleased with these two.
Fimo Wizard Cats

There is now a tutorial on how to make them over at Simple Crafts. As a humbling reminder of how much a skill requires exercising to keep it, it worked well :/

Since then, a few other things have got made too…

Hama Bead CatsThe girls were coerced into making Hama Bead Cats for me which are featuring on BeadMerrily.

We’ve experimented with pom poms to make cats… I’ve got a tabby and a tortoiseshell to finish too.

pompom cats

And Maddy finished off her cat bag too.


You’ll be able to find how too of all of these on Simple Crafts over the next few days (scheduled posts.. go me!)

If you want some more inspiration, you could visit my Cat Crafts Board on Pinterest.


Making Poppies for Remembrance Day & other Autumn crafts.

We dipped into Remembrance Day crafts again today, ready for spending some time on World War work on Thursday and Friday. We’ve covered this a fair bit over the last two years and so it was easy to pick up the threads of previous work, especially as Fran has been doing WW1 recently too.


We had a lovely time making our own versions of poppies this year. Maddy’s was by far the classiest, a real twist on the idea and highly stylish. That girl is going to be dangerous once she really gets into the swing of Pinterest. I loved how she shaped it and stitched beads into it. There is a how to on SimpleCrafts. I would really love you to sign up to the email subscription over there as I’ll be putting all my crafty things on there in the future and just keeping a log of what we do here. This blog is too huge and old and disorganised.

The blog is getting lots of hits for Remembrance Day crafts at the moment; if you’ve not seen them before, there is a simple felted poppy post here and several other poppy crafts here too, along with some of the work we did along side making them.

I’m going to do an updated version of this Fimo craft over the next few days too.

Maddy’s stitched poppy came about because we did these (top left) yesterday. There have been a good few firework crafts done this week.

Firework crafts

While making whizzy bang things we recalled making gunpowder last year and read all about Guy Fawkes on this rather good history website. We thought it was about time Josie understood a bit more about why we have fireworks on her birthday :lol:

If you are wondering why I’ve been a bit quiet here recently, it’s because as well as operations and new staff and gazillions of things going on, I’ve been building Simple Craft, designing two new business ideas and rebuilding 2 other sites. So You could take a look at Fimo Ideas in its new Fimo news style with this gorgeous thing an artist made and also see some of the new resources I’ve been adding to BeadMerrily to make it a better Hama Bead resource.

From poppies to penguins in one post. You’ve got to admire my spirit ;)

Domestic Goddesque

WedEd loveliness Halloween/Fairytale style.

WedEd played a blinder this week; this group home ed meeting has settled into something that seems to work really well now and I mostly feel like I pull my weight, which makes me feel better. Bene is (temporarily I suspect) not too high maintenance there, so I can do a couple of activities. Once he gets mobile, he might get left at home with daddy on those days!

We started off with pumpkin carving.


Maddy was thrilled to have her own pumpkin to do and did a wolf howling at the moon scene. She’s been itching to have a go at a scene because Auntie Kate always does such great pumpkins and we are always too boring and just do a face :lol: Perfect Halloween craft I think.

Once they’d done that and enough gossiping had occurred, HH did science as she usually does. This week they used a really good microscope to look at slides they made of onion skins. Last weeks bacteria had also been put on to slides and they had some fabulous nasty bugs to look at, including some that moved! All of them loved it and had fun drawing them and making up their slides.


I alternated with HH by doing poetry. This week I asked them what sort of poetry they liked best and Poppy chipped straight in with “fairytale stuff” so I picked out The Lady of Shallot and read it to them several times while they listened to the language and drew what came to mind. It’s too good a poem to pick to pieces too much but it appealed to them all because of Merlin and they mostly had a good old Anne Shirley romantic moment about it. (Amelie drew an onion in the corner of hers… sigh). We talked about the storyline (hard to grasp initially, it needed the second reading) and the magical sense of it. We discussed the use of sounds and seasons and how the mood of the poem changed as it went along. We talked about the use of movement and how the picture was created by describing the surrounding and then how it altered as the poem progressed.

It’s a great poem, I can see why Anne loved it so :)

I’ll have to find Amelie’s picture and put it here.

Finished up with making Fimo fairy houses. I found a rather fab one on Pinterest the other day and we thought we should have a go. These are built around baby food jars again… aren’t they lovely?

This is Josie’s one, which I was really impressed with.

All of them were great. I need to have a go at them now.

Home time.