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This one is for friendship #daffodilboy

A few weeks ago I asked friends to join in with me as I crafted myself to distraction in the run up to Freddie’s ‘should be’ 4th birthday and join me. For those who did, I am truly grateful. And for those who sent photos of daffodils on the 2nd and thought of us and remembered him with us, I am truly grateful too. It made a real difference. This year has been a hard one, in a new sort of difficult way. Each year brings something different in what we learn to cope with. I’ve done a round up below; All the images are credit of the person/blog they relate to (I hope they’ll forgive me not littering the page with individual credits) and if I have forgotten anyone, which I may have done because keeping track was hard, would you comment with a link to a blog or a Pin and I’ll add you. I’m linking here to ones done specifically with Freddie’s day in mind but other people kindly added crafts to the linky too, so do visit them.

Thank you to Caterpillar Tales. You absolutely have to click through to see the finished article, it is amazing. I loved seeing these gorgeous children busy crafting.


The rather amazing Here Come The Girls made paper plate daffs. Adorable.



My dear friend Cara, who lost Reid the day after Freddie was born and who has been one of my stalwart friends through loss these past 4 years. Thank you my friend.


Fun as a Gran makes me smile often in all the places I know her; she did something we accidentally did a year ago with some mown down daffs; thank you for your thoughts and care.


On any day, daffodils in Hama Beads would delight me; this beautiful offering from a long standing home educating friend, who has been there for me through the years, is just perfect.


Mum in the Madhouse was incredibly quick off the mark; Jen never fails to send me love on difficult days, something I am not good enough at returning or saying thank you for (though I do in my heart!) and I loved her daffodil pinwheel craft. She’s such a clever crafter.

My dear friend June made stitchmarkers in Freddie’s memory and is donating £1 for each set to our SCBU fund. Thank you again, lovely June. I have some, they are gorgeous. (I must knit!)


A reader sent me a pin of a gorgeous garland she made using leaf patterns from my craft blog; I adore it. Please look at it (Pinterest will only let me link to one pin in a post… (Nicki, if you send me the image, I can add it :) )

Jennie knows only too well how it feels to lose an adored baby after #MatildaMae died in her sleep last year. Thank you for taking the time to join in with me Jennie.


Something very special from a friend who also know exactly how we feel. Loved this, M xxx


I was really moved by this post from Pasta and Patchwork, who also did the most amazing origami daffodil.


Some of my friends – many of my friends, were kind enough to Instagram me with pictures too; here is a collage of the ones tagged for me. I think there were more – if you made something, took a picture of daffs or similar and they were for us, please email them to patchofpuddles at gmail dot com and I will add more collages, or put links to them in the blog hop below. I’d really like to add more to my round up above.


#daffodilboy collage



Another crochet hat with a Hungry Caterpillar theme.

This book has been Bene’s favourite since the earliest of times. In fact, it has probably been all their favourite book at some point; I imagine that is why after 45 years, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is still going strong. I imagine that is why “pop!” and “caterpillar” and “sun” and “be-uuuutiful butterfly!” have been among his first words.

I imagine we will be doing lots of hungry caterpillar crafting over the coming months, if not years, and it is not hard to grasp, from that link, that it is a subject that captures an awful lot of little hearts.

“In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf.”

I think you could all do a line each in the comments box and we could get to the end, word perfect, without looking at a book at all.

(Top marks to the person who can do the junk food line perfectly without help.)

He loves it. They’ve all loved it. We read it to Fran in hospital, to all the others in their early days. Even to Freddie.

It’s the perfect book, written before literacy goals and learning objectives and worrying about developmental stages. A little story that sums it all up and ends so perfectly that I bet we all raise the book, flap the pages and help the butterfly fly away.

I made Bene a hat, one night when I was feeling kind. It’s all red, in MyBoshi yarn and a 6mm hook, following a basic beanie pattern and then I winged the face with circles I sewed on, a green rim and silly purple antennae made of a tight circle of 6 stitches. Maddy has pointed out I need to correct his eyes to be the perfect shape. I’ll probably never get round to it but even if this version does end up looking a bit like a gas mask, he will grow up knowing I took the time to indulge him.

The #hungrycaterpillar #myboshi #crochet hat

He wears it everywhere. I’m so glad he gets to do that.

“…and he wasn’t a little caterpillar any more…”


It’s been such a busy few weeks; gcse’s looming, 2 shows to get the kids through, all the school upheaval, trying to launch a new website (STILL trying to do that) and a cello exam, plus all the ordinary gym things.

If I get to sit down at all, it seems to be about 10.30pm. I’ve started drinking tea late at night to keep me awake long enough to have an evening. That’s all wrong.

But today everyone has decided to have a day off. We’ve lunched together, talked about our favourite Roald Dahl books, there is playing happening.

I’m doing this:-


To add to this:-


Only a few more days until that day is here again. For the 4th time.

It’s good to be distracted.

Josie has new glasses. Bene has a bike. Just an ordinary day.



Spring Crafts with Bostik Products

Last month we tried our hand at some crafting with Bostik glue and sticky pads; this month the challenge is Spring and Easter crafting with some Glitter Glue pens and extra strong Glu Dots. I got the jump on this a bit as we put together the craft pack this month via our CraftMerrily website on behalf of Bostik and the Tots100. Josie, Maddy and I had a happy afternoon working with the kits and seeing how much we could come up with from a boxful of products. We ended up using last months products too, since there is plenty in a pack and we had stuff left over. So here is a huge bundle of spring crafts, Easter crafts and pretty makes for Mother’s Day.


I’m blogging these here as a group, but I’ve also put some of them into my Simple Crafts blog too, as they all fill in some spaces nicely. Possibly my favourite was my Mother’s Day card from self adhesive foam flowers and layers of glue dots holding the bases of foam on to felt, which was glued on to the card.

Hmm... Bit of Mother's Day crafting anyone?

Josie played a blinder by filling in some of the spaces in her cards with glitter glue. I’ve not tried the Bostik brand before, but I really liked it; it squeezes easily, isn’t gloopy, covers well and dries quickly. Perfect. Josie also decorated one of the polystryene eggs with shapes, sharpies and glitter glue and used a little cardboard pot to make a stand. The glu dots held it in place and we used last months glue to add a ribbon trim to it.


Maddy got carried away with the foam sheets and googly eyes and made a springy butterfly to please her brother – lack of finesse here may or may not have something to do with his assistance :lol:


Nobody was prouder of their work than Josie and her egg man though!


Glu dots held on his hat and kept him in his cake case seat, sticky pads for his pom pom topper, packing tape made a jacket and held on his pipecleaner arms and sheer determination made his ribbon bow work. I wasn’t allowed to add glitter in case I spoiled the perfection.

This little trinket box, coloured in with sharpies and trimmed with ribbon, would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift too.

Glu Dots also hold a pipecleaner daffodil to a sneaky pencil if you need it to stand up in a jar.
Do rather like this

This little flower did get glitter added to its petals but Bene demolished it before I took a photo!

I was really impressed with the glu dots for holding this check together. Those pipecleaners don’t stick to polystyrene easily.

Last of all, one little pouch made from felt; I like this so much it will get it’s own post :)
Feeling rather proud of this little make :)

We’ve got a limited number of the kits (minus the Bostik items) left over on CraftMerrily if you fancy having a go. While some of the crafts above had extra bits in them (plasticine, thread, glue, sharpies) it pretty much all comes from the kit.


Here are some Springy crafts on Pinterest to enjoy.

Disclosure: we were sent items FOC by Bostik and collaborated with them and the Tots100 as described in the creation of the craft kit through our own business.


Quick Crochet Storage Pot Cover.

I’ve got an enormous soft spot for a felting wool made by Adriafil called Crea (although my favourite colour, which I only bought one ball of, is discontinued!) and when in need of a quick crochet hit the other weekend, I made this pot to hold my hooks and bits and bobs. It took half a ball and about an hour and I rather love it. I must make some more.

What gorgeous wool. Reminded me of a sun soaked garden wall with ivy, lupins and delphiniums growing. #crochet #crochetaddict #adriafil

It’s very simple rounds of double crochet (UK) joined in a circle at the back and then with a single chain stitch at the start of each round to stop it being a spiral (a trick I learned with my MyBoshi hats and wish I had learned earlier). I just adore the way the colours work in this one, it reminds me of a sun soaked wall in a country garden, all lupins and delphiniums and earth and sunlight glare tangled with ivy. It’s work on a 5.5mm hook.

My only mistake was not to make it fit tighter; next time I will make the original circle smaller and more snug. I adore the texture though. It’s sitting around a £1 wire pen pot from The Range, making it a craft for well under £5 and quick too.

Daffodils for Freddie – a craft linky for a 4th birthday that isn’t.

Dear all,

Lot of people have said they’ll join in and make daffodils with me ready for Freddie’s birthday on 2nd April; as I feared, ours are already out and will be gone before it comes. Over the last 4 years the sight of Spring emerging at a time which is so inherently sad has lifted my spirits so much; daffodils are always a bittersweet reminder but one that brings some joy. It’s making me sad that as the day that should mean he is 4 comes and go, they will be finished and Spring will almost be passed. I feel so cross with them for that. I know it’s not their fault… but they could have played ball! I’ve made a couple of crafts and I would so love you to join in as I make more. So far I have Daffodil Hama Bead patterns and Daffodil Fimo.

I do just feel so irrationally angry with them for coming out too early.

There is a linky below and a badge (which you don’t have to use and it is no follow code but you can if you wish) and I’d love to see what you make. I promise faithfully to visit every blog that joins in :)


Grab my button and link to my blog
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Thanks to Geekalicious for blog badge code advice :)

Like the good old days.

I’d forgotten how much fun it is to just sit and make things with Hama Beads. I think they are still my favourite crafty stuff; I couldn’t bear to not have a shop full of them!

Happy with my #shamrock #hamabeads for #stpatricksday #getyourcrafton #bitlate
I’m clearly in need of a bit of therapy; the breast lump thing has knocked me back badly, even though it was okay. Anxiety has skyrockets and couple with April approaching – meh. I need to talk, I think but there is no time and no one to really listen.

Very lovely afternoon with Josie and the #hamabeads today.
Josie and I sat and beaded in the SPring sunshine today, listening to Percy Jackson and thinking our thoughts. Very soothing. The daffs in the garden make me smile, just about and creating patterns from scratch for the first time in years is lots of pleasure.

Not really daffodil enough but quite pretty. #hamabeads #daffodilboy #daffodil
Even the ‘not very daffodil at all’ one.

Later on we joined everyone who stuck with the gym and made it happen for a great big play session and party. It was fabulous – I’m bubbling with joy to see what we’ve achieved.

Well, I'm over half way. #ripple #crochetaddict
Even the ripple is coming on :) A longer job that I intended.

I’ve booked on another Debbie Abrahams knitting course with my birthday money. Squeak!

Daffodils in Hama Beads

Oh, I’ve not had the Hama Beads out in such a long time; a bit of therapy was needed tonight though and they just arrived in my hands, as it were. On with the daffodil theme so they will still be here in April (all the garden ones are out now… Sob) and these are just in time for St David’s Day too.


I’m not sure if I still have a drawing disk I can do patterns with but her are some face on pictures you can copy.

On a large hexagon.

Also on a large hexagon.

On a small star.

Please do feel free to pin them and join me in any daffodil crafts for Freddie’s 4th birthday on 2nd April. The hashtag is #DaffodilBoy. I’ll do a linky at some point.

St Patrick’s Day Fimo Crafts

When Bene was just new born, I accidentally got my children to do St Patrick’s Day crafts a whole month early, thanks to baby brain and befuddlement. They’ve never let me forget it. I think they thought history was repeating itself today when I suggested a similar activity, but on this occasion it was just me being organised and coming up with a craft that was almost topical but slightly ahead for once. I’m a habitual blogger for next year, when it comes to crafts and I really should do better. I had such a pleasant time with my daffodils the other day (first garden one bloomed today… sob).

I’ve blogged a nice easy sweetie jar/candle holder over on SimpleCrafts (don’t faint) but I’m saving this pretty for here – because I just love it.

polymer clay shamrock

I spent ages on all those twiddly bits and just for once it came out exactly as it was in my head. I shall have to mount it on something I think and put it somewhere pretty. We deserve some luck I think.

Josie and Maddy sat with me for ages. Josie followed instructions to make a Fimo Leprechaun and I think it is the best thing she has ever made.

Josie's #fimo #stpatricksday leprechauns.

and Maddy made a lovely shamrock charm which has a touch of the Celtic to it I think.

Maddy's #fimo #stpatricksday lucky #shamrock charm.Isn’t it gorgeous?

Candle holder with #fimo #shamrocks for #stpatricksday using #jarcrafts

Happy days…

There is a whole list of Springish crafts in the sidebar if you are interested :)

MyBoshi Beanie Obsession.

One of the things I really love is reading about a quirky and unexpected business growing up out of a quirky and unexpected scenario, featuring unexpected people.I read about the MyBoshi Boys in a Simply Crochet magasine a while ago and then the fates collided to bring me near to not only one of the beanie patterns (in a subsequent issue) but some of their yarn in the shape of a 3 for 2 offer at a local shop.


It would have been rude not to. (When you own a craft business, you call this a legitimate purchase of samples to alleviate guilt).

It's a basket of happy #crochetaddict #samples #myboshi #hadtobuysome #shocker

I’m not known for my counting abilities (or my ability to follow patterns for that matter) and I found the magasine pattern a bit difficult to follow to be honest. I wanted to make Bene a hat and did eventually manage it, but only with the help of a friend deciphering it for me.

Made the boy a #myboshi beanie.
First go; I did it on a small hook to reduce the size a bit. It’s a bit boxy as you can see when Max models it.
On reflection, my original hat needs some work on the shape!
It does fit Bene better.

Another #myboshi beanie for my girl. #crochetaddict
At which point I decided to buy their pattern book. They also do a bigger one too but I didn’t get that :)

I decided I like stripy better than blocks of colour.
Liking this combo of #myboshi colours. This is a hat for Amelie. #crochet
Amelie got one based on a pack of Refreshers.

Amelie's completed hat. Perfect :) #myboshi #crochet
It’s rather fab.

I love the yarn and I’m hoping I can start stocking it on the all new shop launching soon. I’m off to visit them at a trade show next week. It’s lovely and bouncy and vibrant and nice to work with. Only thing is, I’m itching to make something else with it now and it feels slightly wrong to use yarn designed for beanies for anything else. Not that I have issues.