Centerparcs Chocolate Challenge

As part of being a Centerparcs blogger, we do challenges for them – you can do them too and you might win a holiday. Easy Peasy 😉 The full details are at the Tots100 Blog including t&cs etc :)

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not too good at cookery but luckily Max does things like make quiche (I know, I know, how lucky am I?) which means we end up with left over egg whites quite often. The girls just adore making (and obviously eating) meringues and since the require no parental input, this is an excellent way to let them cook 😆

Our @centerparcsuk #chocolate effort!

Om nom nom!!!!!!!

Sometimes we got mad and have strawberry jam or cream between them, but really you can’t beat them just like this. Nor can you beat (whip, fold, stir) a nice easy meringue recipe 😉 See I can do cookery jokes 😆

Centerparcs chocolate challenge.

You have till 4pm on 29th March to enter with your own chocolate recipes, so don’t forget to have a go at becoming a #cpfamilybreaks blogger.


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