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Funny to think that I won’t ever need anything like this again. Bizarre to think that when I had Fran, when I needed organising in this sort of a way, no one really believed mobile phones would catch on, never mind imagine they’d be powerful handheld computers we couldn’t live without. It’s perhaps even odder for me to realise that in the not so very distant future, my daughters will organise conception, pregnancy and birth without a second thought, all from their mobile using apps like the Aptaclub Preparing for Birth iPhone app.

I only really got into using phone apps for this sort of thing when I was trying to conceive Bene, charting fertility rather obsessively and secretively as I tried to get pregnant. While it seemed absurd to be tracking his growth, given I had done it five time before, I loved the app that pinged me each week to tell me how close to cooked he was, each weekly milestone ticked off and making it just that little bit more likely he would make it home to us. I could certainly have done with organising myself for Freddie’s birth; it was so long since I had had a baby I really couldn’t remember what I needed to take with me. With Bene, I went so minimalist it would have been ridiculous if it hadn’t been a little sad.

This app helps you prepare for the big event with a number of helpful lists, organisers and planners including:

The app features:

6 editable checklists to help stay organised, all of which can be shared (e.g. what to include within your hospital bag, shopping lists)

Tips and practical advice to prepare for labour and birth

An easy-to-use contraction timer

A personalised birth announcer with a range of templates

Lists are good, I like lists. Contraction timers give partners something useful to do with a gadget and its always nice to have something to read in bed in the morning about the awesome events taking place in your belly. I really did enjoy my Monday morning check in with bump size and development. It delayed getting up 😉

It’s free to download and has good reviews on the iPhone App Store, so if you need a pregnancy and birth planner, why not give it a try?

Aptaclub UK is a service that supports mums and mums-to-be from pregnancy right through to toddlerhood.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post and I was paid to host this feature. Aptaclub UK is part of Aptamil and is owned by Danone. The produce a range of baby nutritional products including formula, which we used to support Breastfeeding with Bene in the early days when he failed to thrive. He still drinks it now alongside breast milk.


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