How not to eat a large box of chocolates.

You might have seen these pop up on my instagram feed?

Hotel Chocolat very kindly sent them too me to review. I was very grateful (very hormonal, very over tired and so VERY grateful!)

The children were thrilled. They really like chocolate. Very much.



I like it more.

And I was VERY hormonal.

So I ate them. Quite a lot of them. With Max's help and I did save four for the girls.

But… Well, it was a Mother's Day selection.

For mothers.

With blueberry chocolates and some salted pralines and an extremely nice champagne one.

Not really child chocolate. Would have been a shame to waste them on minors.


Two of the girls have instagram accounts.

And so I got busted.

Big time.

I even ate the four I saved.

And told Facebook.



Ps. You absolutely HAVE TO TRY THE LEMON ONE.

I was sent these chocolates free for review. All social media bloopers in regards to my daughters lost innocence about their mother and her sweetie greed were my own. As are my views.



  1. Sarah says

    That is a great freebie. I’ve been looking at the catalogue but prices put me off. Just cant justify the spend. Would be happy to scoff the lot though if someone else picked up the bill :)

  2. says

    Completely justifiable and understandable – chocolates are VERY BAD for children, you were only doing your motherly duty ;)