Review: Puzzler World 2013 DS Game

This review is brought to you by Maddy.

Puzzler world 2013 is unlike professor Layton and those kind of games, the puzzles in this game are things like sudoku and word searches and spot-the-difference. So it’s what you need if you’re, say, in front of the telly but would really rather do some brain challenging puzzles.
In the main menu there are three files (so the game can be shared by three different people), when you create a file to mark it as your own you can write your initials or draw a little patten like I did, then it’s time to start puzzling!
Once your on your file there are five opinions, puzzle mode (where you can do puzzles), challenge mode (where you do the same puzzles but much, much harder!), the trophy room (well, I hope you can guess that one), saved puzzles (where you can put puzzles you saved in the middle of doing the so you can finish them later) and the fruit machine (where you can try to win coins).
In puzzle mode there are 560 puzzles! There is Sudoku, Spot the Difference, Hangman, Wordsearches, Chain Letters, silhouette games, maze and linking games to name a few. I really liked Wordsearch and Sudoku. It makes a great set of games for the car and to help you make your brain work faster.
The only down side I find in it is that there are only brief instructions so its hard to  understand some of it but apart from that its a great game!  8.5/10!




  1. says

    Hi, Maddy.

    One of my relatives has a DS; might recommend the Puzzler World 2013 to them.

    Aren’t there some “options” where the “opinions” are?

    (You could probably send the makers feedback!)

    Five hundred and sixty puzzles and challenges! Would love to do some more of the “visual”/”maze” type of puzzle.

    (Spot the Difference might be especially challenging).

    How do the linking games work, Maddy?

    Good to see the three illustrations of the sign-up; the menu and the Wordsearch.

    The “Job Interview” elements seem very interesting.