Out, out… Damn clutter.

So along with building 2 new websites, learning to use eBay and etsy again, crocheting a blanket, bringing up a baby, settling a child into school and facilitating the education of several others, I've been on a bit of. Mission. This is not the current computer based alien killing my husband and children are doing, but a decluttering one.

My fiends started this decluttering programme that ties in with Lent and several of us have been geeing each other along with daily photos and progress reports. Not that most of us are too worried about the Lent aspect, but a focus is great. And it really sits well with me to just do a little each day. The house, all the houses, are really looking quite different; it's a bit similar to a slimming club, but for mess. Plod on, try again tomorrow if today doesn't go well, get support and praise for achievements… And the house gets lighter 😉

So here are some of my achievements after nearly 2 weeks of daily decluttering :) just to remind me how easy it is to do. It really has been easy and inspiring; just a carrier bag of mess out, the inclination to tackle a tiny area each day, has made a huge difference. Some days I've done lots, others I've just grabbed some mess, emptied some bins, tidied up a few papers.

Greatest achievement so far.

Today's mess, recycling and baby clothes to hand on.

Rationalised airing cupboard.

A hasty day. One day I also just did some admin that had mentally stopped me from getting on.

Half and hour doing under the sinks that have needed doing for 2-3 years!

The coat and shoe cupboard.

Fran assisted with the unholy hoard of ballet shoes.

I'd actually done a fair bit of sorting out befor this started and there possibly isn't 40 days to do in the house of actual unmessing but there are lots of things that need selling and I'm going to make some days next week a half hour of eBay listing instead. And then there is the garage. Argh. And Fran and Maddy's room, the cupboard in the room that will be Bene's and my wardrobe. But at the end of it all, I'm going to do 40 days of making things pretty and that will be much more fun :)



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  1. says

    Your g+ button is behaving badly. My house isn’t any light Sally, mainly because for the last three days we’ve been either out our huddling together for warmth. And did you mean to call us fiends?

  2. says

    This is such a fantastic idea.. is there a group or something? Infact I may even start blogging me tidying I wrote a post today about how I need to get organised infact I probably write one monthly! Merry that is probably the best children’s wall I have ever seen! Love their room :) Well done on what you have done so far it’s great. I wondered what your photos of binbags were on FB 😀

  3. says

    Wow, I’m so impressed. I’ve just been trying to de-clutter myself but I’d say I’m on about day 3 of 100 required. It certainly does feel like such a relief when you do make even small steps. Keep it up, your progress looks great. :)

  4. says

    I really think a good decluttering session soothes the soul. I always feel so much better when I’ve got rid of a load of stuff. If only I could work out how to stop it coming back again all the time!


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