As part of being Centerparcs UK bloggers, we join in there challenges. Yesterday, they wanted us to try out some different pancake fillings. Most upsetting, we are very conservative!!! 😉

However, while we couldn’t persuade Max to reprise the fabulous lasagne pancakes he did the time we ran out of the right pasta, we did try a bit harder with our sweet versions last night.

Yoghurt, banana and sprinkles pancake #cpfamilybreaks @tots100index @centerparcsuk
Petit Filous, banana and spinkles.

Old favourite #cpfamilybreaks @tots100index @centerparcsuk
Banoffe Pancake.

And finally. The old fave. Lemon and sugar. @tots100index @centerparcsuk #cpfamilybreaks
Old favourite, lemon and sugar. Sorry. I told you were were conservative!

Bene had his first proper pancake day. He was slightly bemused but warmed up nicely 😉
I wonder if that pancake is for me?

If you want to be in with a chance to win a Centerparcs break with the Tots100, go and join in with the challenge :)

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