That Panto. Memories for later years.

When I was a child I wanted toi dance in a panto more than anything in the world. Actually, I wanted to dance more than anything in the world but my mum said she would pay for lessons for me (at 10) only if I phones up and did the finding out myself. I was scared of using the phone, so I never did. I danced alone in my bedroom for years and looked wistfully at the panto dance troupe each year. I wanted to be one of them more than anything else in the world, pretty much.

As in 2011, this year Amelie and Fran danced in the local pantomine. It was a slightly more effort filled event for them this year, with 3 months of 6 hours of rehearsals a week, a demanding choreographer and, for Amelie, no best friend in the troupe with her. It was less hassle for me as I a) didn’t have to miss a holiday and b) wasn’t lumbering up and down the road 4 times a day 7 months pregnant. Both of them learned a lot. Fran had more fun, being with friends rather than a bully this year and Amelie learned that if you take on a job you do it, even if it lacks fun. I was really proud of her for sticking it.

Someone took photos this year. I’ve lost his piece of paper, but I think his name was Tim Broadman, I’ll find the link to credit him. I’m really pleased to have a record for them.

When you’re down….and you’re feeling blue…

Which happens at times. You can perk things up a lot by….

Doing the Lambeth Walk! Oi!

It’s always good to say you workewd on stage with a ‘pop sensation’.

Please don’t ask me who… his sister is in Steps. That’s all I know.

Fran was not overly impressed with this costume. I’d love to have only got bare midriff to worry about if I had to wear that.

You wait till you see the one she is wearing next week (gulp).

Nothing if not predictable.

Dick Whittington will always have In the Navy & a Hornpipe dance in it :)

Was lovely to see them working in a professional company, working and being grown up. But I must admit that once December is over, I’m always very glad to say to them….

“It’s behind you!!!”

Go on. You know you want to 😉

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    A big Steps fan: Claire or Lisa? Or even Faye? (That was a female-heavy band at its height!)

    Brilliant pics from Tim.

    The lighting for 3 is great.

    I’d rather wear the cat costume, especially with the weather and maybe the lighting.

    Hornpipe ensemble fantastic.

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