June Sims of Bow

Today Amelie, who into all intents and purposes appears to have been at school forever, went on a school trip. Dressed as an evacuee, she walked in crocodile to the steam train station, got the train to Stibbington school (variously used for world war, Victorian, brownie and Eco events!) and spent the day as an evacuee.

You need to be seriously impressed with this photo and her outfit, cobbled together yesterday from a hasty shopping trip and scurry through boxes. And I'm sorry but really she needs to be in a film about evacuees, yes? Perfection.

She was given an identity of someone really evacuated here, made a label, had her gas mask box and tried one on, ate spam for lunch, ran to the shelter when the siren went off and went on a trip round the village where she was shown the house June was sent to live in. June was separated from her sister too, quite traumatic.

It sounds like they had an excellent day. Apparently some of our home ed friends did it a few years ago. Must see if we can again some time.

I'm very proud of Ams; she has settled in well, been put in top English and maths sets, made friends, joined in, been organised and is making the most of it. Seems to have been a good decision. Opens a few questions about next year really. But right now, she has settled in with the same ease her sister did. Apparently yesterday they were learning about education and the teacher responded to a question about home ed by being very negative about how well home ed children learn, socialise and behave. Amelie was very indignant, told her friend it wasn't true and the friend put her hand up and told the teacher so. Cue VERY EMBARRASSED teacher and a very cross Amelie was apologised to! Ams said it made her feel sick to hear those prejudices being spouted like that. I'm guessing the teacher was a bit mortified 😉



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