For Matilda Mae

The UK parent blog community has been shattered by news of the death of Matilda Mae, the darling 9 month old daughter of Jennie and David at Edspire and sister of William and Esther.

There really aren't words. Nothing ever makes it better, nothing can stop such news bringing those of us who already know this pain to our knees. It's enough. It should stop. There should be some way to make it stop. All the babies who have gone before should be payment for the lives of the others.
Tonight I am thinking of Jennie and David and the path they must now walk. I am so sorry. I will be here to guide you if you want me, as I was guided by those who went before me.
Remembering your beautiful Matilda Mae. Fly high, little girl.


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  1. says

    I have just read this heartbreaking news. How terribly sad. I feel very, very sad for Jennie and her family and my heart breaks to think of the devastating journey that lies ahead for them.

  2. says

    utterly cruel that someone else has to tread this painful path. I’ve been awake these past few hours thinking and praying and now the birds are starting their dawn chorus.

    RIP Matilda Mae – fly high beautiful baby girl xx

  3. says

    its so terribly sad, I am sure your support will be invaluable over the coming months Merry. My thoughts like so many have been with Jennie and David since I heard. Fly high Matilda Mae xx

  4. Mary 'supermum' Barton says

    i am thinking about them all every second of the day and night, such a sad thing to happen, will be lighting a candle for her tonight, prayers go out to all of them to hope they can get through this sad time x


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