Centerparcs Challenge; and…. relax……


There has been precious little relaxation around here for what feels like months. I can measure how much busier life has got in the number of craft posts Simple Crafts has had (from quite a few a week to…. NONE. Grrr.) and what with work, panto and building a couple of new websites and oh, you know, 5 children in the house. *exhales*

A few months ago Josie and Amelie set up a very creditable spa in their room and invited us all for treatments – facials, foot and hand massages, soft music and dim lights with the appropriate snuggly towels and so on. It really was very much like the treasured pockets of time I’ve spent at Aqua Sana at Centerparcs and we had a lot of fun that day. I was even served up (wooden) carrot sticks and cake :)

I should have taken a photo but it would be weird and wrong to force them to fake recreate it to give me a blogging opportunity image!

Anyway, with a snow day looming tomorrow for Fran and Amelie in her last week of being home educated, I thought I might give my girls a little pamper day of their own tomorrow. I’m not really the type to do such things, though I love my box of birthday Lush each year but with 4 girls I thought maybe I should take advantage of a quiet day and do something exotic with nail polish. After all, unlike me, the girls all have enough toenails to make it worth doing. I shall report back and let you know what we do (help me, help me… give me tips, I have no idea how to do relaxed…)

I thought I would write this now though because there are just a few days left to win a trip to Centerparcs by blogging your own version. Entries conditions etc all on the Tots100 blog.

Disclaimer: I’m joining in with the challenges as part of my Centerparcs Family Blogger Role. And I may not quite have actually done the spa yet, but ahem… how would you know to do it if I didn’t tell you in time?

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