Where was I?

You may have noticed I was away last week, on our annual trip to a youth hostel with friends. I went away intending to do some work in quiet moments but the youth hostel had poor signal and Bene and I were enjoying each others company, plus I had the company of all my very good friends, so I let rather a lot slide. The week deserves more blogging than that, which it will get, but that's my apology for evaporating.

Before we went away there was a fair bit of frantic activity, which I can now barely remember. It definitely included a WedEd day, where we tested our blood and discovered what blood groups the kids are. I did a variety of poems with them that focused on describing emotions and we did some making too. The next day Amelie's friend Lulah arrived and that was the last I really saw of them and Josie till it was time to go away.

One thing they did do was test out these lovely Christmas Card Making Kits which we were sent to review. (Lulah was very excited to 'inspect' a product with us).

I shall do a proper review of them on the Simple Crafts blog but the kids were very positive about them. The designs are simple but effective and all of them did something different with the designs they had, they were easy to peel and good quality, so a definite hit. I like the idea of something that can be created and constructed from an easy to access set of designs, with no mess and a clear goal but still leaves room for designing yourself.

Since starting to write this entry, Bene and I have spent a night in hospital. He got a cold and cough while away which turned rapidly into vomiting up all his dinner and then huffing when breathing. Last night he had two trips to the out of hours doctor and the second saw us being escorted by a gp to the children's ward for a night of inhalers, nebulisers and steroids. I had to take him on my own, since Max needed to be well slept enough to cope with the big Monday before Xmas parcel day and it was a difficult night. Sitting with him in a room watching his oxygen levels suddenly drop was very frightening, very triggery :( in reality, he was never in danger and I knew that really, but the parallels were impossible to avoid.

Still, we spent much of today waiting for drugs so we could go home and enjoying the sensory room. I love this picture.

Lucily Uncle Rich arrived a hour before he got worse (he also seems to be allergic to another antibiotic, which is annoying :( ) and he stayed with the girls today, so everyone had a fun, distracting day :) Hopefuly I wil get to enjoy my brother a bit more tomorrow. I've not seen him for 3 years, since I was pregnant with Freddie. Goodness :/

Now to get through the next couple of weeks. Maddy has an appointment shortly to discuss why her thyroid is underactive. I hardly know where to start worrying on all this, so I think I'm going to give up. 2012 is not really ending as I hoped it would :/


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  1. Cara says

    Sorry you had to come home to another crisis. Hope the time away with friends was lovely and that you can get back into that mindframe instead of worrying about Bene and Maddy soon.

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