Making Poppies for Remembrance Day & other Autumn crafts.

We dipped into Remembrance Day crafts again today, ready for spending some time on World War work on Thursday and Friday. We’ve covered this a fair bit over the last two years and so it was easy to pick up the threads of previous work, especially as Fran has been doing WW1 recently too.


We had a lovely time making our own versions of poppies this year. Maddy’s was by far the classiest, a real twist on the idea and highly stylish. That girl is going to be dangerous once she really gets into the swing of Pinterest. I loved how she shaped it and stitched beads into it. There is a how to on SimpleCrafts. I would really love you to sign up to the email subscription over there as I’ll be putting all my crafty things on there in the future and just keeping a log of what we do here. This blog is too huge and old and disorganised.

The blog is getting lots of hits for Remembrance Day crafts at the moment; if you’ve not seen them before, there is a simple felted poppy post here and several other poppy crafts here too, along with some of the work we did along side making them.

I’m going to do an updated version of this Fimo craft over the next few days too.

Maddy’s stitched poppy came about because we did these (top left) yesterday. There have been a good few firework crafts done this week.

Firework crafts

While making whizzy bang things we recalled making gunpowder last year and read all about Guy Fawkes on this rather good history website. We thought it was about time Josie understood a bit more about why we have fireworks on her birthday 😆

If you are wondering why I’ve been a bit quiet here recently, it’s because as well as operations and new staff and gazillions of things going on, I’ve been building Simple Craft, designing two new business ideas and rebuilding 2 other sites. So You could take a look at Fimo Ideas in its new Fimo news style with this gorgeous thing an artist made and also see some of the new resources I’ve been adding to BeadMerrily to make it a better Hama Bead resource.

From poppies to penguins in one post. You’ve got to admire my spirit 😉

Domestic Goddesque

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