It's been a proper home ed week.

There has been lots going on here this week, even though I had a day out (more to come on that!) and we spent a day interviewing for new staff. As well as the geography day we did there has been lots of crafting of various sorts.

Maddy, Josie and I have put together these crafts for the new site a SimpleCrafts .It’s really inspiring us to have this new site to build together, so even though it means taking some of the content off here, I think it is worthwhile. (You can sign up to receive email updates from it… go on, you know you want to 😉 )

There are tutorials or printable patterns for all of those crafts – we’ve moved a step up, I promise :) I’ve also added more Autumn Hama Bead ideas to BeadMerrily.

Friday was a recuperate day; all the girls spent ages looking up facts on their first chosen European country; Amelie is now in love with Russia and Maddy has the bug for the history of Turkey. I can only hope this will be even more inspiring next week as I’m sorely in need of home ed feeling good again. I’ve got a shelf full of books on things we don’t open and we really need to knuckle down and live home ed again a bit.

Last week at WedEd the kids did some fabulous art work and Amelie fancied having another go too.

She is still really enjoying ice skating as you can see!

That WedEd also involved poetry writing with me and looking at bacteria with Helen, among other things.

The previous day (I’ve skipped back a week now, have I already done this?) Fran, Bene, Max and I had various medical appointments to keep in Cambridge so the girls did more art with Zoe.

The upshot of the appointments is that Max is having his eyes laser-ed and Fran needs another palate op. I must have already said that. Sigh.

There has been some modelling by Maddy.



And all in all, when you add project work, music, reading, being out and about and doing all their ordinary work too, it’s been pretty productive :)

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