Scooby Doo Spooky Games Film Review

After last months less than successful film review, I was a bit nervous while choosing the film for this month, but settled for Scooby Doo Spooky Games on the basis none of the children would even imagine for a second I would watch it with them, whereas they might think I would go for a Dr Seuss recycling monster. It arrived while we were on holiday, so last night I invited an extra child round on the basis she might have something positive to say out of obligation… and left them to it.

My slight disclaimer here is therefore that everything I know about this films has first been filtered through two sugar loaded, over tired 12 year olds… but I can't see that being a problem ;)

The basic premise here appears to be a set of episodes of which one is a Scooby themed London Olympics (are we allowed to type that yet?) episode where Shaggy finds himself running in the Olympics while Fred pole vaults for King and country to show off. And it's all in American accents. (I don't think the children noticed that and I was at a distance large enough to allow me to live with it). And it made them laugh a lot, which is always a good sign. There is another episode which combines all sorts of cartoon characters in it, including Yogi and the Pink Panther. Both 12 year olds gave it 8 out of 10, knocking off a point for a lack of Smurfs, but conceded that was probably due to them being involved in making their own film currently.

I don't know what it is, but I love a bit of cross cartoon pollination. It's a bit like Doctor Who (DT, natch), Sherlock and Sam from Life on Mars all simultaneously appearing in a Children in Need special. *stops…. drools… continues…* It truly tickles my girls fancy whenever two unlikely hand drawn characters appear on the same screen.

Actually, can you imagine Sherlock meeting Doctor Who? And actually, oh god… in five years time, the inner city schools of the country are going to have 4 Sherlocks per class, aren't they? (Says the mother of a Benedict…)

Anyway, back to the job in hand. On close questioning, B told me she loved the cartoon but took away a point for it making something funny out of the Olympics as they are the Best.Thing.Ever and also for not being very realistic (again! Glad it's not just mine!) because there was no huge statue that came alive in the real olympics and they could have made that more life like if people just vanished. I didn't ask? ;)

Maddy agreed but said that as Scooby, Yogi and the Pink Panther are her equal favourites, it was impossible not to like.

So there you go. It made them laugh, kept them quiet, got the thumbs up and didn't get consigned to the “to be give to someone unsuspecting” pile. Result :lol:

With thanks to the Tots100 Film Club.