Crafty stuff that was done Simply ;)

We’ve had a pleasant summer, trying new crafts out, making pretty things and working together on projects, most of which have found their own special post on my brand new website, SimpleCrafts. I’m trying to make a place to put together all the nice things we make and do and showcase them, mostly so we do more of it. They get a bit lost on here sometimes.

¬†Maddy and I made these… they looked very surreal tucked in the garden.

These flower vases got made at WedEd one day – they are fabulous.

Felted flower picture with our wet felting efforts. Did I blog that already?

This week Fran has scrapbooked, and Maddy has gardened and written songs and Fimo’d with me. The other girls played and Bene learned to clap. It’s being lovely.

SimpleCrafts would love some links (or stumbles, pins, facebooks, tweets – I know it’s an ask!) so if you fancy wearing its badge or giving it a link somewhere, I’ll happily return the favour with a blogroll link and wind you in to the writing over there too. :) Just leave me a comment so I know.

Simple Crafts


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  1. Sarah says

    As always, I wish I had half your imagination and ability. My craft stuff drawers haven’t been opened for weeks.

  2. says

    I love Simple Crafts!
    As soon as I get home I will bookmark it! I might not have kids but I love crafts and I know I#m a big girl :)
    I also really like the theme. Actually, I’ve been trying to show only excerpts of my posts in the home page but the “easy” way is changing theme and I wasn’t sure if the site was “ready” for another change but after seeing how good Simple Craft looks I’ll certainly consider it!

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