A-maising play.

Years and years ago, my second product was Happymais, which my children loved. I’m not entirely sure now where it even came in from (how can I have forgotten that?) or why I stopped selling it but we did. It’s changed name since and is now called PlayMais; wondering about hunting it down again. It makes very easy craft fun for the kids, because it sticks with just water and squiches into any shape you want, pretty much.

Anyway, Fran made a list of things she wanted to do over the summer and this was on the list, so I bought some. Obviously she got bored quickly but Josie and Maddy had a ball 😉 one thing that used to stand it its way was that it had no starting ideas and I thoughts the cardboard cut out farm was a good idea. Josie loved it. Maddy was a gem when it came to being creative. I can’t believe the Smurfette she made!

The attention to detail is always seriously entertaining.

Fran stuck with simpler themes 😉

(she is basically still 4 at heart 😉 ) that’s Maddys train and rocket….

While Amelie went for topical…. ( you are doing the chariots of fire music in your head, aren’t you?)

I have to say ( this is not a sponsored post!) I have always loved this product. It kept the girls very happy and they want me to get more… So if they fancy getting in touch, I’d be delighted. We should be selling this again :)


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  1. says

    We loved this product too and I remember buying some on your recommendation – the kids used it for months before we were unable to get it anymore.
    If you stock it again we’d definitely buy it. :)

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