Simple Science. Colours. Very absorbing.

Also known as a fun bit of sort of science from which we will later extrapolate something useful when the moment calls for it :)

The other day I saw this quick experiment pop up on Pinterest; I pinned it to my educational oddments board but showed Maddy. We had been talking about how to dye flowers the day before and she fancied a go at this. Well, why not.

The experiment comes from here. And it's not a bad little site.

It prompted a variety of conversations, from density of dye, to osmosis, to absorption, to colour mixing and finally to how water will level itself out. I was fascinated by the different colouring strengths and how that affected the green. Mostly it was just rather beautiful and awe-inspiring.

After that, once we had considered trying different colours and using milk, it reminded me I had meant to buy new tea cups. So I did.

I adore Pinterest. It is fast becoming my search engine of choice. While I am a little sad that people pin anything just to get a hit there, I do love what pops up. It is a window to the world, to the minds of people I know. Fascinating. Inspiring. Beautiful. And a perfect way to happen upon little ideas that make a day more fun.

Speaking of little ideas, Maddy and I have a new website. If you like, you could visit Simple Crafts while it is a fledgling, or join its Facebook page over on the right. :)


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