Blogging like the old days.

The girls want o make Tudor costumes. Normal practise is to make rough versions first and get the hang of it. I thought we needed to start very small; groovy girl small.

Rather to my surprise, Josie has managed amazingly well. She’s completed, all on her own and with increasing neatness, a petticoat with waistband and a shift with side gores. I’m very impressed.

Amelie is further behind on a similar project and Maddy also sewed an outfit, but a modern one. Then we also did art, a music lesson by FaceTime and went out to see the Olympic torch (lantern!)

A good day.

The other night the girls and I were looking at old incarnations of the blog on the way back machine, which is somehow different to just flicking through the archives on it as it looks now. Along with going aaaaaaahhhh a lot, I remembered how I used to blog more incidentally and boringly. But I liked it. I missed it. I must try to do more of that.

Bene with his fans. I forgot to mention we also had friends over today :)


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    As usual I am so impressed by all the lovely creativity that goes on in your house. Please do blog as “boringly” as you like, because it’s not boring at all. Just having a snapshot into the everyday life of a home educating family gave me a lot of confidence as a new home educator a couple of years ago, and I still get lots of inspiration and ideas from your blog now – although I tend to feel overawed by all the clever crafty stuff. I just wish we lived nearer to you so I could get your girls to teach my kids!

  2. says

    That is such a great idea to practice making clothes for dolls. I hope you don’t mind butI think I know exactly what my girls and I are going to spend our next rainy day doing! Thank you for sharing.

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