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I’ve got a post coming up sometime soon on why it’s been such a very long stream of at home days for so long and what we are doing about it, but while life has been mostly home, we’ve got on and done nice things. It’s been the mostly lovely, healing 4 months forums. We’ve just hunkered down (helped by the weather!) and been a family. It hasn’t been thrilling or exciting, but it has been very much what we needed.

Lately talk has turned to big and interesting projects again, specifically Tudors, as everyone gets excited by the idea of doing Kentwell next year. It’s been a longtime since a group project; slightly ironic if it ends up being Tudors again though!

The sewing practice is still going on with considerable success. Amelie’s is missing from here. She did a gorgeous cat purse but promptly lost it somewhere!

Maddy is stepping up her drawing again, mostly fuelled by a return to Pokemon I think.

She also had her first go at woodwork; we’ve cleared out the garage now and hopefully a bit more of this will happen. Must teach her to sand!

I can always rely on Maddy to turn an idea into reality; I ask for equestrian Olympic Hama beads and that is what I got!

We had a nice day doing these and hopefully I’ll have some patterns up on BeadMerrily shortly.

Max is bored of shopping, I think, or trying to save money, so Maddy has got good at turning out a quick batch of biscuits :) she fancies some new easy recipes too, so I must find her some.

And no blog post would be complete without the gratuitous picture of Bene, now 16lbs in weight and utterly huge and adorable. Hard to believe he’s nearly 5 months already. He doesn’t sleep if I try to put him to bed through the day, but apparently he can snooze if he thinks he’s doing something. I can see which way this is heading.

Please don’t look at the carpet. My cleaner is on holiday.

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    What a load of fab stuff – love the train, and the sewing – well all of it actually. Baby cute as always, and glad your carpet looks like mine for a change. I suppose I could say my inner cleaner is on holiday…

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