Night out. All of us. Nearly.

We went to a wedding tonight, the first time we’ve all been at a social event in longer than I can remember.

It was nice. I like weddings and this was a lovely one. I’m hopeless at small talk and I hate dressing up but a baby solves both those problems and at least now I can go out and enjoy it. That’s an improvement. It was beautifully planned and done and full of happy.

It felt rather as if along with 3 girls and a baby boy, we all took a beautiful young woman with us.

Then as I was taking photos of the 5 of them together, someone took the camera and offered to take a photo of all of us.

All of us.

There hasn’t been a photo of all of us, all the living, breathing Raymonds, since a day in the SCBU unit. I haven’t let there be.

But I couldn’t say no, not there, not at that moment.

So here is a picture of all of us. Some with feet on the floor and one who was in my mind as the button got pressed on a rather blurry, but highly significant picture that we all smiled for.

All of us.


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  1. says

    There seems to be a space, where he’s standing in the middle of three of his sisters. Probably looking in the same direction as Ben, probably more blurry because he’s constantly moving… He’s always with you all. Lovely picture, beautiful post. Hugs xx

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